CeeDee Lamb is expected to remain Cowboys’ primary punt returner

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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CeeDee Lamb had 24 of the Cowboys’ 29 punt returns during his rookie season. There is no reason to believe that won’t continue this season despite his importance to the offense.

Lamb continued to work as the team’s primary punt returner during the offseason program.

“We made it clear when I hired John Fassel [as special teams coordinator] that special teams were going to be a priority here,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said, via Jon Machota of TheAthletic.com. “I don’t view players graduating from special teams. . . . You like to be able to see your players do more than one thing. It’s something that we talk about a lot in player acquisition. What are the two things he can do? Obviously, his offensive and defensive role, but what part of special teams can he contribute? And hey, you need more than one returner, too. We understand that. It’s a long season. It’s a longer season.

“I’ve gone through it before. Randall Cobb would probably be the last player that I went through it where he started out primarily as the returner and then as he grew and his numbers grew, you start looking at pitch count and things like that. I don’t see us there with CeeDee. But at the end of the day, we’ll have more than one returner.”

Cedrick Wilson is expected to serve as the backup punt returner, while Tony Pollard will continue as the Cowboys’ primary kickoff returner.

5 responses to “CeeDee Lamb is expected to remain Cowboys’ primary punt returner

  1. That works out really well, he and Dak can just switch spots. Lamb goes on the IR, Dak gets added to the active 53, and no hard questions about how to make create a roster spot. Genius!

  2. Good players want and need the ball. Taking a guy off returning kicks just because he can run routes and catch, too, is dumb. And the idea that returning kicks is somehow more dangerous is a myth. Much as I hate to say it as a Cowboys hater, keeping Lamb on kicks is a smart decision.

  3. I never been a big fan of this, find some young guy who is a primary kick/punt returner who can help on special teams who plays WR or Corner that can be that 5th string with the possibility of getting better at one of those positions. So dangerous putting one of your most relied on players in these situations.

  4. “the idea that returning kicks is somehow more dangerous is a myth”

    I wouldn’t say it’s a myth, wide receivers don’t take hits on many of their routes run, and usually don’t seek out contact, but the punt returner is going to get tackled. It’s adding unnecessary hits to your star players. Mohamed Sanu got his ankle rolled as PR first game after being traded to the Patriots and was never the same again. Rob Gronkowski wears his arm brace because he broke his arm blocking on an extra point during a blowout. Not to mention some of the headshots returners have taken over the years. When those injuries happen you wonder as important as special teams is, was it worth it?

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