Dak Prescott: It’s going to be “very, very special” for us this year

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys went only 6-10 last season in Mike McCarthy’s first season. It’s easy to dismiss that as an aberration because of Dak Prescott‘s season-ending ankle injury in Week 5.

However, the Cowboys were only 1-3 in games Prescott started and finished, and the victory was a lucky comeback win over the Falcons. The Cowboys 2020 defense ended up allowing the most points in team history.

Prescott is healthy as are starting offensive linemen Zack Martin, La'el Collins and Tyron Smith, the three of whom missed a combined 36 games. Is their good health — combined with an improved defense — enough for the Cowboys to contend for the division title if not the NFC title?

Prescott thinks so.

“Improvement, a lot of improvement obviously from last year to this year, but deeper than that from those first five games,” Prescott told Newy Scruggs of NBC DFW. “Take those first five games and just say we’re going to be better than that as a team. We’re going to play more complementary football from defense to offense to special teams, and then we’re going to have a healthy team. We’ve all approached the offseason, we approached the season the right way. We’re just excited. We’re excited that hopefully we can stay healthy; we can get good fortune on that end. Then, we can just put everything we’ve worked hard for together on all stages and all phases of the game. We’re excited for this year. It’s going to be very, very special for us and for Cowboys fans.”

The Cowboys have not played in the NFC Championship Game since 1995, which, of course, was their last Super Bowl title.

44 responses to “Dak Prescott: It’s going to be “very, very special” for us this year

  1. And they said this last year and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that ect. ect!!! Dallas needs to work on defense before they start their yearly offseason woofing!!!

  2. NFC East has turned into a dumpster fire 4 automatic wins for Brady and the Bucs this year.

  3. Here we go with the cowboys “Groundhog Movie”. Isn’t it early
    to put the cowboys in the superbowl. They haven’t even played
    in NFC Championship since 1995. Just think how bad they would
    be if they had to draft 25-32 instead of the top 10 every year.

  4. Lifetime cowboys fan but it’s getting old hearing “special year” after no NFC championship in 25 years.

  5. Twenty-Five years and counting since this over-rated franchise even went to an NFC Championship game. They are in Lions and WFT company.
    I think Dakota is being way too optimistic. He, and his team, will falter as they always do and the world will be treated to a shot of a forlorn Jerry – good times.
    That is all!

  6. First you have to define “very, very special”.
    Second, the Cowboys have been average at best with DAK before so I personally don’t think they will be any better. If that is your definition of “very, very special” than OK they can be.
    PS: None of the three players mentioned above plays defense which is their achilles heel.

  7. Anybody tell him that 8 wins no longer makes them a .500 team? So to be special by Dallas standards, he has to win 9 games. We all know that is not happening.

  8. Mike McCarthy went 12.5 years with a better QB and better OL in Green Bay, and the only year they won the Super Bowl was when they had the #2 ranked defense.

    Dallas had the 28th ranked defense last year, and hoping some rookie draft picks are going to make them a top 5 unit is nonsense. Defensively, they’ve got a couple good edge rushers and not much else to go with them.

    I don’t see them winning a road game outside their division, and don’t see them sweeping their division either. 9-8 or 10-7 is a one-and-done or no post-season kind of very, very special season for the Cowboys this year.

  9. This guy says the same thing every year. I honestly don’t think there’s a more over rated player in the league. Considering his contract, his multiple .500 seasons, lack of playoff victories(yes I know he has 1 whopping victory), and the fact that Ryan tannehill has out-performed him, he comes off to me like another kirk cousins/tony Romo-type. A bunch of over blown stats with nothing to show for it except for his own contract. This guy isn’t some young kid anymore. He’s entering season #6.

  10. Over the past quarter of a century, Dallas has been essentially a .500 team … and they’ve had the same GM all that time.

  11. As Stephen A would say ==> “Just Wait”, “They never let me down”, “Somehow, Someway they will screw it up”

    They will enjoy this season as much as they did Thanksgiving day.

    The WFT

  12. Teams get injuries. Team that overcome injuries have the best success. The Cowboys proved last year they could not overcome injuries.

  13. Last season is gone you can’t say well if we would have squeaked out a few more wins we are a playoff team. Every damn team can do that just about. Enjoy your special special year it’s going to be fans.

  14. I remember a Cowboys vs Ravens game where Romo lead Dallas on two very good touchdown drives back to back only to have the Ravens bust two 80 yard TD runs back to back … now that was comical 😀

  15. Their roster is very top heavy with several high paying contracts for several positions, leaving little for the rest of starters and almost nothing for back ups. Just a few injuries to those top dollar contract players and this team (like last year) will nose dive, but the NFC East still looks pretty bad so six or seven wins might get them into the playoffs.

  16. To the Dak haters, he is absolutely correct. It is finally mathematically impossible for the Cowboys to go 8-8 this year. Woo hoo, finally no longer able to attain absolute zero equivalent of mediocrity. They either will have to have a winning or losing record.

    (Wait, I guess they could go 8-8-1 but what are the odds and that would be special too.)

  17. I honestly think the Dallas offense can be a top notch unit. When healthy it’s a pretty loaded offense. The defense is hot garbage.

  18. They have the best LB core in NFC, they have the best WR core in the NFC, TOP 5 rb, QB and stadium. They are the best team in the NFC, on paper.

  19. I seem to have heard this before but im not sure? The good news is they can improve, now they can be 5-12 instead of 6-10 again

  20. Just shut up. The Cowboys are the most hyped team ever. Wake me when they do something. The Cowboys are all hat and no cattle.

  21. The Cowboys will be battling the Eagles for the 3rd place in the division.

  22. J Schwindt says:
    June 30, 2021 at 12:44 pm
    They have the best LB core in NFC, they have the best WR core in the NFC, TOP 5 rb, QB and stadium. They are the best team in the NFC, on paper.

    And they still have Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy

  23. If you take out his rookie year where all he did was hand off to Zeke, Prescott is 6 – 20 against winning teams. He is a good QB who hits his ceiling against better than average teams.

  24. True. The first time in team history the team plays 17 games! What a great achievement guys.

  25. I’ll pencil them in for 9 and 8 and fringe playoff status behind New Jersey. WFT looks to disappoint, while Philly, well, go get ’em next year.

  26. They could contend for that division but thats not saying much. They are basically the Raiders in a bad division.

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