Jimbo Fisher: Vikings are “perfect set-up” for Kellen Mond

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Before this year’s draft, Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher said that quarterback Kellen Mond “does all of the things you need to judge a first-round player” in a push to get the former Aggie starter to go in the first 32 picks.

Mond wound up staying on the board into the third round, which is where the Vikings snapped him up with the 66th overall pick. While that wasn’t as high as Fisher was pushing for Mond to go in April, he thinks that landing behind Kirk Cousins and playing for Mike Zimmer is a good way for the rookie to start his professional career.

“Being behind Kirk, who’s a great veteran, who’s been productive, I think it’s a perfect set-up for [Mond],” Fisher said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I’m happy. . . . I think Minnesota’s one of the top organizations in [the NFL], and I think that’s very important where you go and play pro football. I think [Zimmer is] a great football coach, a great football mind.”

Cousins is signed through the 2022 season and that should leave Mond with plenty of time to learn from the sideline if the veteran plays well. His progress through that process and Cousins’ performance will determine when Mond goes from holding a clipboard to taking snaps.

34 responses to “Jimbo Fisher: Vikings are “perfect set-up” for Kellen Mond

  1. “I think [Zimmer is] a great football coach, a great football mind.”

    Hey, we all do, with the exception of the whole consistent winning thing, he’s a Hell of a coach.
    I mean, he has his own whistle and everything.

  2. “Being behind Kirk, who’s a great veteran, who’s been productive, I think it’s a perfect set-up for [Mond],” Fisher said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press.


    Does he mean ‘a perfect set-up’ to fail?

  3. I see Jumbo’s been hitting the purple Kool-aide. He lost me when he got to Zimmer having “a great football mind.”

    A great Football mind doesn’t lose in NFC Championship games where your team is favored and you are playing against a back up QB. I have another word for that and it isn’t “a great football mind”

  4. i think mond will be a good qb and he went in the third, all jimbo’s first rd qb’s turn into busts, jamrcus, ponder and manuel…hell he can a 5 and 10 yard out route to the sidelines a 100 times better than ravens qb lol so he’s got that going for him

  5. Notice that the packers don’t have a good backup QB? I sure did! Zip, baaaaam, boom!

  6. It’s good to see Packer fans are up their usual MO, commenting on Vikings articles. You’d almost think they would have more concerns over the status of their own QB, not the Vikings rookie QB, but that appears to not be the case.

  7. The Vikings still don’t have a decent quarterback on their roster.
    Not for next year, or the year after that.

  8. Wish we hadn’t drafted Love and waited for Mond instead. More pro-ready.

  9. Hang in there numba1! Atleast you have moose hunting to look forward to next month.

  10. Yes, those Packers don’t have a proven backup quarterback . . . yet they still keep finishing ahead of us. How does that work???

  11. Poor ariani doesn’t understand that numb is a faux Packer fan. Well, at least he has fireworks to look forward to this weekend.

  12. Jordan love was so bad last year he couldn’t even dress on Sunday! Let that sink in fake stock holders!

  13. Yes, those Packers are so messed up. . . why can’t our Vikes come out on top??

  14. I’m not sure that I’d be talking trash about another team’s QB if Blake Bortles was at the top of my depth chart.

  15. Gosh, I almost forgot our Vikes won their super bowl last year (one regular season victory over the Pack). Good reason to puff our chests out! And of course . . . we ran away with the offseason championship again this year.

    That makes our year to get a victory over Green Bay.

  16. Wonder if we could trade Rogers and a few #1 picks for kind? Could be the spark we need in wisconson

  17. We need to keep KIND here in Minny. He’ll lead us to more Lombardi trophies. We’ve been so close the last 60 years.

  18. Jimbo may be a bit delusional, but please name a college coach that hasn’t praised a former player? Seeing as how some cheesers have come out from under their Aaron-Rodgers-induced hiding rock, I am sure they now have also had a chance to compare how a team with common sense drafts a QB, discusses the issue with the incumbent, and make sure everyone is on the same healthy page — unlike Jerry Krauss, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

  19. Yes, that approach (discussing it with the reigning QB) has been so successful for our Vikings. We can’t be beat.

  20. Numba1, i know the only thing to do in Wisconsin this time of year is ice fishing for eels and shooting moose but hang in there!

  21. No reason to puffing ur chest out when beating the packers. Vikings have won 10 of the past 12 meetings.

  22. Man the self hate by us vikings fans. Guys you do realize we are one of the top organization for winning % in the entire NFL since the SB era right ?

  23. Our Vikes just keep stacking up the titles. Is there a hall of fame for most successful franchise ever?

  24. Hey ariani1985, don’t knock eel fishing until you try it! It’s a delacey in wisconson

  25. Waffle, living off titles won when the forward pass was not invented is nothing to brag about.

  26. Has anyone heard Kirk Cousins whining because the team drafted a QB?

    Is it because Mond was a third rounder? Is there that much difference in the rounds? You’re still picking from the top 100 players in the nation.

  27. Those Packers have titles . . . old and modern era . . . wish we had one, from any time period here in Minny.

  28. harianus1985 says: June 29, 2021 at 3:42 pm
    Waffle, living off titles won when the forward pass was not invented is nothing to brag about.

    First legal forward pass 1906.
    First Packer title 1929.

  29. I wish “Cuzzins” would throw (and complete) a forward pass at a crucial point in a game that actually mattered.

  30. Mond could be good, bad or otherwise but Kellen is going to save the Vikings from paying Cousins $45 million next year. This is Cousins last year with the Vikings.

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