Jon Bostic thinks WFT’s offense has already taken big step under Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn’t had too much time on the field with his new teammates in Washington, but he’s apparently made the most of the time that they have had together.

Washington linebacker Jon Bostic said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that it only took a few snaps for him to see the high level of command that Fitzpatrick has in the scheme. Bostic saw Fitzpatrick throwing wideouts open and baiting defensive players into bad spots, which led him to say that “you can see just how much of a step that offense has taken already.”

“I think he’s really, really going to help those guys out. I can start to see how he’s improved how they’re running certain routes. . . . Very pleased with where we are on the offensive side of the ball,” Bostic said.

Washington had one of the league’s best defenses helping them to the NFC East title last season. They have cornerback William Jackson and linebacker Jamin Davis joining most of the key members of that group and the hope is that Fitzpatrick’s arrival creates a bit more balance between the units this time around.

10 responses to “Jon Bostic thinks WFT’s offense has already taken big step under Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. WFT is poised to make a deep run into the playoffs. cowboys and giants will be looking for new coaches.

  2. This is the truth. Think about how good alex Smith was last year. That’s right, he was decent. He wasn’t spectacular, but he was good enough. Good enough in Washington meant he was 5-1 as a starter. If he played the whole season, they would’ve won 10-12 games. Some people have no idea how bad Haskins really was. So Fitz doesn’t have to be all-pro for this team to get to 11 wins. Plus, Antonio Gibson is no longer a rookie, and they upgraded the OL, and added Curtis Samuel. The offense is going to be much better.

  3. This coming from a Miami fan, you will all LOVE what crazy legs Fitz brings to the team. He is definitely capable of bringing your team to the top of the division. He is one of the smartest QBs in the league and is not afraid to male that throw that many young QBs will not try.
    I promise you will love some Fitz!!!

  4. Going from Alex Smith to Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t an upgrade.
    Unless one believes that the number of positive plays will outweigh the negative that comes with him, they’re likely to follow the pattern of his career. Good stretches, followed by some very bad ones.
    With what should be one of the best defences in the league, a low mistake quarterback is what gives the best chance to improve upon their past season. That doesn’t describe Fitzpatrick at all.

  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick will ultimately be forgotten especially playing in the era of Brady, Manning, Brees, Rogers and Favre. However, those of us that are watching him now know he it at the top of that next tier of Quarterbacks.

  6. I’m hesitant to think that someone who has been found wanting by so many other teams can be The Answer, but maybe between Fitzpatrick, Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen, they can cobble together some decent production from the QB position. And any of those guys would probably be an improvement over what they got from Haskins last season.

  7. If you look at the types of offenses Fitzpatrick’s been most successful under; it’s ones that customizes to the players and gives the QB decision-making authority. It’s why he’s been so successful under Chan Gailey. Scott Turner’s philosophy is very similar to Gailey’s and his offense is more sophisticated – something Fitzpatrick has the intellect to grasp quickly.

    Rivera had a choice of veteran QBs to bring in. It’s no coincidence that they chose Fitzpatrick. He and Turner are a natural fit.

  8. “Well, Bostic is a slow and terrible LB so I’m not sure he counts.”

    Says the kid who quite literally can’t count.

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