Lions G Jonah Jackson: Penei Sewell “acts like a grown man” already

Detroit Lions Off-Season Workout
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Guard Jonah Jackson stepped into the Lions starting lineup after being selected in the third round of last year’s draft and he remained there for all 16 games of his rookie season.

Jackson turned 24 in February and his run as the team’s youngest starter on the offensive line ended in April. That’s when the Lions took tackle Penei Sewell with the seventh overall pick of the draft and installed him as their expected starter at right tackle.

Sewell played left tackle in college and opted out of the 2020 season, so there’s a lot of adjusting to do before September. Jackson said that Sewell’s work this spring has shown that he has the ability to tackle that transition without too much trouble.

“They say he’s a 20-year-old, but he acts like a grown man with how he handles himself,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “Not only the meetings but outside on the field. Definitely on the field you see why he was the No. 7 overall pick. It’s very evident and I’m excited for his future and what’s to come for him.”

Jackson called the offensive line “the engine to the car” on offense for the Lions and Sewell hitting the ground running would add a lot of horsepower to the attack.

6 responses to “Lions G Jonah Jackson: Penei Sewell “acts like a grown man” already

  1. Hopefully he lives up to billing. He’s a game changer and they need it. They have been building this line and now there’s a competent gm drafting and building it right. This line is on the verge of being a quality area of the team. They need it. They still need one more guard in my opinion because I’m not sure about right guard still. I thought Crosby deserved the first shot, but for some reason he’s not getting it. I feel he’s the 5th best lineman.

  2. Step 1 to winning – build a good offensive line. even with a QB like Goff and average receivers you can have an efficient offense if you have a good line and good coaching

  3. Next up he’s going tell tell us that Panini acts like a millionaire.

  4. He’s about to be 21YRs he should be acting like a grown man considering that he has been A GROWN MAN for a while now…. I was a grown man w/ a fiancé, a kid, paying my own bills in my own house while serving our country in the military at 18YRs old. By the time I was Penei Sewells age, well a year older at age 22 I had just completed the special forces qualification course becoming a Green Beret. By the time you’re 20YRs old you’re a grown man and should have your own place by then unless you’re in college living in a dorm or fraternity type setting.

    To many grown adults these days are stuck in a stage of arrested development or prolonged adolescence never taking the next step into adulthood. Most of them are young men who get lost after HS. The government should bring back more trade schools targeted at young men and women. There are so many well paying trades out there that cannot find anyone younger than 45-50YRs at this point because no one is going to school to become Plumbers, Welders, Electricians, HVAC repair technician, quality carpenters etc. A lot of the trades are dying while at the same time a lot of young men are working in the “gig” economy or not working at all.

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