Billy Turner not acting any different “just because somebody” isn’t with Packers

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When offensive lineman Billy Turner signed with the Packers in 2019, he joined a starting lineup that featured center Corey Linsley and right tackle Bryan Bulaga.

Neither of those players are still with the team and left tackle David Bakhtiari wasn’t working this offseason after tearing his ACL near the end of the regular season. That injury led Turner to move to left tackle after previously starting at right guard and right tackle.

Turner’s versatility has been a plus for the Packers and he said the changing portfolio “really makes you have to focus on meetings and all the details at every position.” That focus has made it easier to stay on track despite the changes.

“To be completely honest with you, nothing has changed for me,” Turner said, via the team’s website. “I’m not going to act any different than I’ve acted the last two years, this year, just because somebody is not in the room. I’m approaching the situation no different than I’ve approached the last two years and that is to continue to learn and to grasp this scheme and to help these young players whenever I get a chance to help them.”

While Turner was talking specifically about the offensive line, there’s been plenty of attention paid to quarterback Aaron Rodgers not being in the room this spring. That may mean Jordan Love is starting in September, but Turner’s clear that his focus has been on preparing himself regardless of who else is on the field with him this season.

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  1. Focused only on preparing for the season. This is the same mindset of the WHOLE roster.

    Billy was asked about how it is without Corey in the room. You see that he said: “Nothing has changed for me.” Like nearly all of the OL, Billy can play multiple spots on the line. That versatility down the line is one reason of many that this is arguably the best OL in the NFL. If Bakh has to miss one or two games to start the season, the Packers have several options at LT. The last 2 seasons there were multiple injuries on the line, and the Packers never missed a bit.

    As far as center goes, 2nd round pick Josh Myers looks like a bigger and stronger Corey Linsley. Not only looks like him talent wise on the grass, Josh has the intelligence of Corey as well. Both Corey and Josh played at Ohio State. Corey drafted in 5th round, and Josh in the 2nd. Corey was the starting center as a rookie, and it looks like Josh Myers will be as well. Everyone is very excited about the progress Josh has made already. When you talk about rookies that look and act like vets, that is Josh Myers.

    Billy Turner is happy and excited for the season for a reason.


  2. There’s always someone as good, or better, waiting to take your place and he knows that. No one is indispensable.

  3. So, they don’t even know who the starting center, quarterback and left tackle will be and training camp opens in a month? Good luck with that.

  4. Same mindset as always in GB, if the OLine gives the QB 4 seconds the offense will excel. Turner was a great FA acquisition by Gute, as were the Smith brothers and Amos at S. This team is stocked for another playoff run regardless of whichever QB wants to be in GB starting.

  5. Fool me twice shame on me………… I should have figured out that diva boy would not opt out and take the best deal he has going – income and a way to show the people that dissed him how he got even with them.
    No I was foolish in not realizing if he did this he would not be in the news, not who everyone is talking about, his deal would be over, he would be on the back burner as someone who used to play football.
    Ya no way he opts out, he wants his beautiful mystery to continue on which means, it will till training camp starts

  6. if Turner wasnt a cheap acquisition and the Packers live off cheap acquisitions, he would be a water boy at best on any other team. The Packers gave the farm to diva boy and must play lesser people to make up for the huge wages of one guy.

  7. No.2 ranked O-line in 2020 and the entire team got stronger on both sides of the ball this off-season. The Packers have built solid 13-3 teams around Rodgers in the last two years, and now they’re even better. If Rodgers thumbs his nose at the most complete squad he’s had to work with in five years, he’s a fool and Love becomes luckier than Tom Brady.

  8. It’s embarrassing when someone insists on explaining superior play and leadership as “luck”.

  9. The downgrade in the Packer oline is what people are missing in the Rodgers debacle. He knows he’ll have to get rid of the ball immediately or get sacked every other passing down. I’d want out too.

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