Carson Wentz feels “new passion for the game” in Indianapolis

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Carson Wentz‘s struggles with the Eagles during the 2020 season have been well documented and this offseason has been about trying to turn the page to a brighter future.

Wentz was traded to the Colts to kick off the offseason and he’s spent the last few months getting used to life with his new team. During a recent visit to Fargo, North Dakota for work with his foundation, Wentz spoke to Beth Hoole of and said that he thinks Indianapolis is “definitely a special place” that has rejuvenated him after a rough year in Philadelphia.

“I really feel like I have a new passion for the game,” Wentz said, via Jonathan X. Simmons of the Indianapolis Star. “I’ve been high, I’ve been injured, I’ve been, now, benched, I’ve been traded, I’ve kinda seen a lot in five years, so whatever the game throws at me I’m ready.”

The Colts are betting that Wentz is both ready for whatever’s thrown his way and able to handle it better than he did last season. The success of that bet and the success of their season will go hand in hand.

25 responses to “Carson Wentz feels “new passion for the game” in Indianapolis

  1. Carson Wentz feels passion for hoping a new group of fans doesn’t know what the old group of fans know

  2. Always in denial of his own culpability. He hasn’t been the same player since he was injured in Dec 2017.

  3. As long as the Colts never draft or sign another QB and when he gets injured (including his feelings) the back-up doesn’t do a better job.

  4. How long will it take this time for the passion to go away…..after the next new $40M contract???

  5. I hope he has success with his new team, its hard to believe he fell off so much in Philly.

  6. All it took was a little bit of controversy to knock the passion out of you. Where I come from we call that “soft”.

  7. This seems to be the same thing every QB on a new team has said this year. Heard the same things from Goff, Stafford and Darnold. No news here

  8. He was cut for good reason. As he said, I was high and injured. Next time, focus on rehab so that you can stay on the field

  9. When you were the worst QB in the league, new passion should be easy to find with a new team. wish you the best !

  10. Maybe the Colts gave him a decent offensive line and wide receivers.

  11. I guess 100 million dollars wasn’t motivation enough…this explains much about his character.

  12. Carson is about to prove how much a difference a good coach, GM, and offensive line makes for a QB.

  13. If they draft a QB to be his back up will his passion still be a positive? Man is physically tough but I don’t think NFL adversity tough. I’d expect him to play well but I also expect the next hole and funk he gets in to be a bigger deal than the average QB and that they will have to massage the situation to keep him positive. IMO

  14. I was so impressed by him early. How he handled himself and what he said. Now? Not so much.

  15. I think he will do well. Change of scenery is good for his head. Maybe he will regain his potential MVP form.

  16. Any of you ever experienced hating going to your job and toxicity of the work environment? Look at how the Philly fans treated the Vikings fans in the nfc championship a few years back and look no further, toxic..

  17. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    June 30, 2021 at 8:44 pm
    He’s not a leader of men

    It would be interesting to know what you consider being “a leader of men” entails. Do grown men really need to be “led”? Professional athletes who have spent years developing and maintaining their bodies, and years honing their skills, are obviously self-motivated.

    It is seriously outmoded thinking to believe that intelligent human beings in 2021 need some charismatic leader to drive them.

  18. And this is why Wentz will never be leading a team to a SuperBowl victory. You have to have that mental toughness, that passion, and that faith regardless of the circumstances. That’s what makes Brady the Goat. And Rodgers went out and had an MVP season after GB drafted a QB in the first round. Sorry Indianapolis fans. Your GM really blew it by handing the reins to this inconsistent, injury prone , head case.

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