Jalen Hurts: Mac Jones had a “very unique” college career; I’m happy it worked out


Alabama’s last three starting quarterbacks are now spread out in the NFL, with each having at least an opportunity to start in 2021.

Mac Jones, this year’s 15th overall pick, will have to beat out Cam Newton to make that happen. Jones’ former teammate Jalen Hurts — the presumptive Eagles QB1 — was recently interviewed by WVTM 13 in Birmingham. Hurts noted he’s glad Jones was able to display his talent at Alabama after a significant wait.

“Mac Jones, he had the opportunity — I think the best way you can learn is to watch,” Hurts said, via MassLive.com. “Watch, take note of those around you, kind of learn the lay of the land if you will, and learn that way. Mac had a very unique college career where he had to stay patient and it worked out for him. And I’m happy it did.

“He was able to watch me and Tua [Tagovailoa] go through that, get him some burn here and there, and ultimately when it was his time, he took off with it. And now he has a great opportunity for his future.”

Hurts and Tagovailoa also have an opportunity to show they can become franchise quarterbacks with Philadelphia and Miami. If all three are successful in the league, there will probably be multiple documentaries made about Alabama’s QBs room in 2017 and 2018.