Tom Brady’s book cautions against the food products Tom Brady represents

Tom Brady Announces He Will Leave The New England Patriots
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The news that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has a deal with Subway has sparked curiosity and confusion, given that fast food isn’t believed to be on the TB12 menu.

Then again, neither are potato chips. Last year, however, Brady appeared in a Frito-Lay TV commercial. He wasn’t eating or even holding Frito-Lay products in the commercial. Instead, he was polishing his then-new pewter helmet. Still, he appeared in a chip commercial, and he surely didn’t do it for free.

To highlight the disconnect between Brady’s views on food with his food partnerships, we took a look at his 2017 book, The TB12 Method. The chapter on nutrition includes a mini-essay titled “The Food Industry.”

“The way I see it,” Brady writes, “food companies are more like chemical companies than anything else. But we keep eating what they sell us and then wondering why the rates of disease and obesity are so high. Our bodies become toxic when we ingest toxic chemicals. . . . When I think about ‘food,’ I picture an avocado, a banana, a salad, a handful of nuts, or a piece of fish. I don’t picture a box of cereal, a tub of margarine, a box of doughnuts, a bag of potato chips, or anything else manufactured using salt, sugar, fat, additives, stabilizers, and chemicals. Food should look like, smell like, and taste like food. I’m not saying to never eat the foods I just mentioned, as I know they taste good (and are marketed well). But try to limit them and eat more real, organic, local food.”

Indeed they are marketed well. They’re marketed by playing guys like Brady, who leverage their fame to get people to buy what the marketers are selling.

And, yes, Subway’s sandwiches of processed meats and/or non-tuna tuna (allegedly) are supplemented with vegetables. But Brady’s essay on the food industry addresses the topic of mass-produced vegetables.

“Consider what the industry does to fruits and vegetables,” Brady writes. “Green apples, bananas, and tomatoes ripened by ethylene gas are available all year round, but are those real?”

Plenty of people shrug at the obvious disconnect, reasoning that few if any product endorsers actually use the products they endorse. (The Federal Trade Commission may have a different view of that.) But the reality is that Brady is collecting presumably large sums of cash from companies whose food is, based on his own views, contributing to the high rates of disease and obesity.

Right or wrong, it’s a significant disconnect. And it’s fair to ask whether a guy who already has more cash than he could ever spend in his lifetime should be cashing checks from purveyors of food products that he does not regard as actual food.

33 responses to “Tom Brady’s book cautions against the food products Tom Brady represents

  1. On the field, Brady is the man. Off the field, Brady is intolerably artificial, out of touch, and now deeply hypocritical.

    Part of the “TB12 Method” involves chasing as many meaningless dollars as possible, I guess.

  2. The rich like money more than ANYTHING, so why the shock or issue with the Hypocrisy….after all it is just a commercial

  3. He could take that Subway and Frito money and channel it to groups that support sustainable organic farming practices and producers of humanely-raised grass-fed animals.

  4. At some point, you’d think he would have enough money to only endorse products that he believes in.

  5. In his autobiography , Wayne Gretzky goes into detail stating that he never has endorsed a product that he doesn’t actually use because he said that wouldn’t be right.

    He did endorsements for diet coke in the 80’s, and he said people would literally damn near check what was in his glass when he was out, but that he had been drinking coke long before he was a pro. Basically, he put his mouth where his money was.

  6. Granted TB is the GOAT but frankly since he left NE is become an intolerable rich boy who just won’t shut up.

  7. Smart people make money off of morons all the time. Just look at the success of Amazon, selling Chinese made garbage to morons and making Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man in the world.

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  8. I’m a fan of Brady the football player. I have no interest in his off-the-field life and while I agree that it’s hypocritical for him to appear in a Subway or Frito-Lay commercial, it doesn’t affect me since I would hardly pick my food choices based on what some celebrity or athlete endorses.

    The real question I have, though, is what is up with the obsessive media coverage of everything Tom Brady? It’s a constant, bizarre barrage. I could really use a lot less of it.

  9. It’s the end of his career. We can’t expect him to follow the TB12 diet religiously for the rest of his life.

  10. Just look at the success of Amazon, selling Chinese made garbage to morons and making Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man in the world.
    And before that the Walton family became the richest people in the world selling Chinese made junk. Amazon doesn’t sell anything different than any other store, they just made it super easy and super fast.

  11. I don’t blame TB, it’s really not his place to tell people how or what to eat. He plays a kids game professionally (quite well) he’s not a dietitian, he’s not a doctor. He’s a celebrity, an “entertainer.”

    I don’t believe in the Vegan lifestyle and I don’t believe in electric vehicles, but if a Vegan food company or Tesla offered me millions of dollars to say their products are good and that I use them, I’m making money.

    Stop worshiping celebrities and athletes and live your own life.

  12. More money than Tom Brady can spend in a lifetime, but greed and hypocrisy seem to always win out in these cases. Oh yeah, more money than he can spend in a lifetime: Tom Brady’s sports performance and nutrition company received a Paycheck Protection Program loan of $960,855 from the federal government. Greed always wins.

  13. We haven’t seen the campaign yet and do not know what Brady is pitching. It could be an Italian sandwich with processed meats or a vegetarian sandwich with fresh greens, protein-rich cheeses, and sprouts. Let’s reserve judgment on the man and stop calling him a hipocrate until we know what he is pitching.

  14. Hall of Fame player, hall of fame hypocrite.
    He may be the GOAT on the field, but off of it he’s just a regular low character guy who won’t say no to a paycheque.
    About as much integrity as an arms dealer selling weapons to both sides in a war.

  15. @alonestartexan: you don’t “believe” in electric vehicles? What does that mean? That they don’t exist? That they aren’t really electric? Perhaps you don’t know what “believe” means.

  16. Belechick did a Subway ad, so why do you not get this? Brady wanted to show he can do a Subway ad without Belechick to prove he is not just a “system” endorsement act.

  17. Unpopular opinion: Most, if not all of us would cash that subway check even if we didn’t believe in what Subway puts out. It’s up to the consumer to decide for him/herself. If you go out and eat Subway just because an athlete is on the commercial, you might be a moron.

  18. Why BB walked.

    Everyday this diva extraordinaire tries to get himself into the news.

    It’s awakward and creepy that a grown man so late into his career cares so much about any kind of attention, good or bad.


  19. Life is a game – learn the rules and play to win. Those waiting for justice and expecting others to live by some fair “code” spend their lives complaining in comments sections.

  20. I think TB12 is a better athlete on the field and and a better friend and family guy off of it than most celebrities. Could be a low bar, I guess

    I didn’t bother with his book because I don’t think he has studied the science of nutrition as much as he leaned on experts whom may be less scientific than I prefer (and my parents are also into holistic food philosophies, as well as earning their PhDs in chemistry).

    I would cheerfully take a $50,000 to appear in a Fritos or Pepsi commercial, never mind what TB was likely paid. And I do occasionally cheat on my low carb, raw veg and fruit diet. A couple of sodas a month, on long drives. A half serving of chips on picnic with friends and family. Ice cream 3-5 times per year. 4 beers in a week. Sure, I’d prefer six pack abs and a 22 BMI. But a 23 BMI dad bod is healthier than most, probably healthier than Ryan Leaf, anyways.

  21. YouEnjoyMyself says:
    June 30, 2021 at 9:46 am
    @alonestartexan: you don’t “believe” in electric vehicles? What does that mean? That they don’t exist? That they aren’t really electric? Perhaps you don’t know what “believe” means.

    It seems that your lack of comprehension is as bad as the grammar you display in your user name.

    I don’t believe in electric vehicles as they’re currently not economically viable as compared to fossil fuel powered vehicles. They don’t possess the same power, towing capacity, or the same cost friendly price.

    Anything else?

  22. What a sellout. Someone as wealthy as him endorses a product he doesn’t beieve in. Taints anything else he peddles.

  23. Why doesn’t Brady endorse some foods and products that part of his TB12 methods? Because he’s a hypocrite and greedy. Plus he probably wanted to do the Subway commercial as a way to take another shot at his former coach. He can easily show this different side of personality without him looking like idiot. I’ve lost all respect for him as a person the last several years.

  24. paupwarner says:
    June 30, 2021 at 9:54 am
    Belechick did a Subway ad, so why do you not get this? Brady wanted to show he can do a Subway ad without Belechick to prove he is not just a “system” endorsement act.


    I’m pretty sure belichik has had a few of those subs.

  25. He’s very quickly finding out why BB pounded into their heads that you never give the press/sports media anything more than non-answer answers.

    For a Patriot who never ever said the wrong thing, he now puts his GOAT hoof in his mouth on a daily basis as a Buc.

  26. Maybe it’s his treat food. We know he drinks alcohol once in awhile. He used to buy his kids donut holes from Dunkin Donuts for treats. His wife eats them and admits can’t eat just one. They eat candies. Subway is not like McDonalds. They have actual veggies in there and you can choose what to put in your subs. Commercial endorsers are somewhat phonies and are in there for money. Look at the celebrity women selling drug store skincare, when we know their looks are fixed. It’s up to consumers not to consume blindly. And he said to limit eating bad foods, not totally disdain them. For most of us it’s the reverse. We limit good foods and routinely eat bad foods, that’s his point.

  27. If you do a search of Tom Brady and charity, a pretty extensive list comes up, and he is credited with raising millions for various organizations. It seems more likely that these commercials are an easy way for him to contribute more $$ to these charities rather than pad his already considerable bank accounts. The golf event he is doing next week will raise millions for “Feeding America”, but it’s so much easier to go negative, so why bother promoting the positive?

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