Lane Johnson: Jalen Hurts makes things easier for the offensive line

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson was shut down for the year by the time Jalen Hurts became the team’s starting quarterback last season, but he’s seen enough of Hurts to feel good about what he will bring to the offense this year.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Johnson said that Hurts took command of the offense during organized team activities and didn’t look like a player going into his first full season as a starting quarterback. Johnson also said that Hurts’ style of play should be a positive for the guys charged with blocking for him.

“He’s got that confidence to him,” Johnson said. “The way he carries himself, he carries himself like a veteran. The things he can do on the field, you know, he can scramble outside of the pocket. When that happens, man, it makes it a little easier for the offensive line. Whenever you have a mobile quarterback back there, the pass rushers approach the pass rush a little bit differently. Instead of maybe running the hoop, they’re taught not to break contain because if they do, he can scramble for 10 or 15 and get a quick first down.”

Johnson closed his comments about Hurts by saying the quarterback “has put his foot on the gas pedal” this offseason and the Eagles will hope that burning rubber leads to better results than they managed a year ago.

10 responses to “Lane Johnson: Jalen Hurts makes things easier for the offensive line

  1. What makes life easy for an offensive line is to stay out of 3rd and long, second and long situations where the defense knows you’re going to throw. When you complete short passes on first down, and you’re constantly in 2nd and short, the offense is dictating to the defense, and the defense has to play passively. It’s the teams that run up the middle on first down, and are always in 3rd and long, that make it difficult for the OLine. And that’s also how you QB gets injured.

  2. straighcashhomey says:
    July 1, 2021 at 10:59 am
    are they having fun is all we care about


    There it is. So original. SO witty

  3. Better play calling and not having a QB who holds the ball forever will make it easier on the offensive line as well.

  4. I for one, hope Lane and the O-line DO HAVE FUN this year. However, with the WFT defense surging and the Giants being improved, it will be difficult this year. But if Jalen Hurts makes it easier to have fun, then roll out Jalen left, roll out Jalen right as long as it works!

  5. If the Eagles OL stays healthy this year, it can be elite. That would go a long way toward raising the caliber of Hurts’ performance as a QB.

  6. Yeah, I’m sure having your back turned and not knowing where your QB is going to be makes blocking a whole lot easier.

  7. Mobile QBs are great. But they still need to learn how to throw the ball accurately, and not turn it over.

  8. All these clowns saying “having fun?” Yes, it actually looks like Lane is having a great time. Hes playing a game he loves and making millions while you craft completely unoriginal, brain dead jokes to post obscurely online. And to the first guy talking O line like he knows more than Lane. 3rd and long is a completely different topic from what’s being discussed with a mobile QB. Not mutually exclusive. And certain play selection depends on the strenth of the players you have…..Bunch of haters. Go birds.

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