NFL bans Dwight Schar from future ownership interest in any NFL team

Redskins part-owners Robert Rothman, left, and Dwight Schar with
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It’s not part of the outcome of the Washington Football Team investigation that culminated in Thursday’s significant announcement of an eight-figure fine, legal-fee reimbursements that could reach $7 million, and a “voluntary” decision by Daniel Snyder to turn day-to-day operations of the team over to his wife on an indefinite basis.

But with plenty of news and nuggets flying around in the aftermath of the announcement, here’s one that previously wasn’t known. The league previously has banned former Washington limited partner Dwight Schar (pictured in the middle of the attached photo) from ever owning any portion of any NFL team again, per multiple league sources.

Schar, Fred Smith, and Robert Rathman had been trying for an extended period of time to sell their interest in the team. Eventually, Snyder bought them out, after the league allowed Snyder to exceed the per-team debt limit.

Along the way, allegations and litigation and accusations emerged, with clear acrimony between Snyder and Schar. The NFL frowned upon the filing of a lawsuit by the limited partners over Snyder’s effort to selectively apply his right of first refusal after a buyer for the minority interest was found, and it was believed that the league eventually would take against against one or more of the limited partners.

Per one source, only Schar faces the ban. Smith and Rothman were not affected.

11 responses to “NFL bans Dwight Schar from future ownership interest in any NFL team

  1. So Snyder used raisingthe debt limit (a covid consideration) to buy up more of his team on credit. good thing the government and businesses are there to look out for these fragile billionaires.

  2. Synder is a bad guy, but so are a lot of the owners of NFL teams… Hence why they pay Roger to take the blame as much as possible for everything they do thats not popular.

  3. If I was this guy I would take this to court . Would love for Goodell to answer questions under oath on how corrupt the the NFL office truly is . To recap Snyder ran an extremely abusive environment so the NFL advises him of their findings before going public so he can appoint his wife to wink wink run the team during his sabbatical to build a stadium . The guy who stood up to Snyder and the organized crime syndicate called the NFL gets a lifetime ban . If there was ever a time to take on the NFL it’s now and I hope this guy does it .

  4. Dwight you’re on double secret probation. Now please box up your desk and jim here is going to walk you straight to the door.

  5. So, not only did they give Snyder a get out of jail free card “Give us some pocket change, because you’ve been naughty and your wife’s going to drive the car until we’re out of sight of the angry mob!” But they do him a solid by banning the one business partner and owner who fought him and demanded more visibility around how he was squandering the team’s finances and running the operations.

  6. Allowing one’s spouse to “take over” isn’t even pretending to follow the rules and get the slimy weasel out of power!

    What, Snyder’s cat is too busy managing his financial portfolio, and his hamster is tied up with his real estate transactions to run the football team?

  7. The NFL and it’s owners are just as corrupt as our politicians
    and government. Only GREED matters in the USA today.

  8. “This is the NFL’s equivalent of putting Dwight’s stapler in jello.”

    * * * * *


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