Andrew Whitworth: Nothing short of winning the Super Bowl is good enough

NFL: JAN 31 Super Bowl LIII - Rams Press Conference
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The 2021 season is shaping up to be Andrew Whitworth‘s last, as he said this week he feels like his career is coming to its end.

And there’s only one way the longtime left tackle wants to go out.

During a Friday interview on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Whitworth said the Rams have to live up to the hype and win the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

“For us, that’s just the truth,” Whitworth said. “We’ve figured out how to win playoff games, we’ve made some runs in the postseason. And this time for us and this opportunity we feel like this team, nothing short of going to that Super Bowl and winning it is good enough. And that’s really the expectation level for us, even though we know that’s a slippery slope. But that’s where we want to be. And if that’s what you want, then you got to be able to speak about it and let people know that that’s the only thing you see is the goal, and the only thing you see as accomplishing this season is just going and winning a Super Bowl.”

Los Angeles, of course, lost to New England in Super Bowl LIII two years ago. But after disappointing finishes the last two seasons, quarterback Matthew Stafford could elevate the offense to a Super Bowl level once again.

10 responses to “Andrew Whitworth: Nothing short of winning the Super Bowl is good enough

  1. As soon as we acquired Stafford, I said Super Bowl. That’s why he’s here.

  2. Winning the SB should be the goal of every team, even the ones trying to win a SB with a guy who is 8-67 vs winning teams and who has never won a playoff game. So I won’t bash it.

  3. Win one for the big guy. If the team can stay healthy at key positions there is a very good chance they will win it all.

  4. Stafford Playoff Record: 0-3
    McVay Playoff Record: 3-3

    You are asking for both of them to do something they have NEVER done (and in Stafford’s case, never even come close).

  5. “Andrew Whitworth: Nothing short of winning the Super Bowl is good enough”

    32 teams 1 Lombardi trophy, it’s a tall task to win it and all the cards have to fall just right for the team that accomplishes it, the odds are stacked against them!

    I think it’s hilarious today that soooo many people believe there’s only one winner and 31 losers in the NFL, but most of those same people refuse to give Brady or the Pats any credit for 7 and 6 Lombardi’s respectively!

  6. Gonna figure out that old stafford was a huge part of the problem in detroit. he doesnt complete passes at a great percentage takes sacks in bunches. he is not the answer

  7. Stafford has never won a playoff game.
    Yet he gets praised.
    Romo only won 2. Yet he gets crapped on. The hate for the cowboys is real

  8. Matt Stafford is probably one of the most overrated professional athletes of All Time. Utter garbage. Does Whitworth know the Rams traded for him?

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