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Saints tackle Ryan Ramczyk has a new contract. Some numbers were reported when the news broke. Whatever they were (and frankly I now ignore them because the initial reports are so often wrong), the real numbers are in.

Here’s a full breakdown (per a source with knowledge of the deal), with some analysis.

1. Signing bonus: $19 million.

2. 2021 salary: $11.064 million, guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap at signing.

3. 2022 roster bonus: $8.5 million, due on the fifth day of 2022 league year. Guaranteed for skill and injury at signing. Guaranteed for cap five days after signing.

4. 2022 salary: $10.5 million, guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap at signing.

5. 2023 salary: $14.0 million, $3.3 million of which is guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap at signing. The other $10.7 million becomes guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap on the third day of the 2022 league year.

6. 2024 salary: $17.0 million. $6.5 million is guaranteed for injury at signing. It becomes guaranteed for skill and cap on the third day of the 2024 league year.

7. 2025 salary: $18 million.

8. 2026 salary: $19 million.

The deal has $52.364 million guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap at signing. Given the vesting of the 2023 guarantees, the practical guarantee at signing is $63 million, since the Saints would have to cut Ramczyk after only one year to avoid the full $14 million in the third year of the deal.

At signing, the six-year deal has an annual average of $19.51 million. The new-money average is $21.2 million.

The contract does indeed make Ramczyk the highest-paid right tackle, by either measure. It also puts him in the top five of all tackles.

6 responses to “Inside Ryan Ramczyk’s new deal

  1. Packer fans pay close attention to new signings of high value contracts. The team is loaded with players who are tops at their position, Adams, Jaire, Elgton all are due soon. The Packers cap position is in tough shape because so many great players were recently paid, Rodgers, Kenny Clark, Z, Jones. This team is just stacked.

  2. His 2021 salary is about 1.7 million (according to Over The Cap). Its the only way this fits under the cap. They have no cap room and 11 + a portion of the bonus would be a higher cap hit than he had already.

  3. Good deal for a great player. The saints should tank for a qb this year or bite the bullet and make the Packers an offer they can’t refuse.

  4. The salary cap does not exist. It’s a vicious rumor used to nicely explain why a team let go of a player they didn’t really want.

  5. I’m seeing his 2021 salary listed at $1,714,824 – which results in a 2021 cap charge of roughly $5.5m. Not sure where you got $11 million from.

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