Washington Post stands by its report that Roger Goodell must approve Daniel Snyder’s return

New York Giants and the Washington Redskins
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The battle lines are firmly drawn. One person can break the tie.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reported on Thursday that Commissioner Roger Goodell must approve Washington owner Daniel Snyder’s return to day-to-day management of the operations of the team. Snyder’s lawyer, Jordan Siev, insisted in a statement handed to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com on Friday that the Post report is false.

On Friday night, a spokesman for the Post, in response to an email inquiry from PFT, said of the report regarding the approval requirement, “We stand by our reporting on this matter.”

There’s one party in this matter that has not chimed in, at least not on the record. The NFL has not responded to our inquiry as to whether Snyder’s return does or doesn’t require the approval of the Commissioner.

It’s an important point regarding the question of whether Snyder’s temporary relinquishment of the day-to-day operations of the team is voluntary. If it is, Snyder doesn’t need approval from Goodell or anyone. If Goodell must approve of the move, it’s not really voluntary.

It shouldn’t be a major point, and it’s odd that Snyder is quibbling over something like this. The widespread reaction to Thursday’s news is that he got treated with kid gloves. A day later, there’s a chance the league already regrets going so easy on him.

10 responses to “Washington Post stands by its report that Roger Goodell must approve Daniel Snyder’s return

  1. What difference does it make?!

    It’s the biggest sexual harassments scandals the NFL has ever had and they’ve covered it up and not slapped but given him a finger on the wrist!

    Even if the story is true; they’ll be drinking cognac, smoking cuban cigars and laughing at all of us!

  2. Umm, if there was a place where a story could be incorrect it would be the Washington Post. See Nick Sandmann slander and libel lawsuit settlement against Washington Post. I’m sure they still believe they had that story correct!

  3. Who cares? All Snyder got was a slapped wrist anyway. Fine and penalties should’ve been much bigger or he be made to sell the team. Neither was going to happen.

  4. Danny requires contemporaries to address him as “Mr. Snyder”, enough said.

  5. In a way its gotta be true. Regardless of what is on paper or the official storyline is, we all know that a return would not be possible if Goodell was not in favor of it happening.

  6. The Washington Football Team (WFT) should be changed to Washington Team Football (WTF). Much more appropriate.

  7. I’m going to say the Washington Post version is correct not Snyder’s lawyer

  8. A few excellent examples of being wrong have been referenced by posters previous. I would say a few mistakes even big ones are likely with reporting so broadly and for as long as the Post or the NYTimes the country’s Paper of record have.
    Those aside if you have to stand with the reporting of a place few have a better record in the bigger instances and moments that draw the public’s attention than the Post. IMO

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