Chargers offense to “run through” Justin Herbert

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The Chargers have one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. They know it, and they plan to take full advantage of it.

Coach Brandon Staley recently told Robert Mays of the Athletic Football Show (via Hayley Elwood of that the offense will revolve around the team’s second-year quarterback.

“I wanted our offense to run through Justin Herbert,” Staley said. “I wanted him to make it work and I think that’s what’s been fun to sort of get started.”

In other words, the Chargers won’t have a system. Herbert will be the system.

“I think that ultimately, those are the most dangerous quarterbacks you defend, where the quarterback becomes the system,” Staley said. “Studying the great players that have played that position and guys I’ve looked up to from a coaching standpoint like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Jim Harbaugh. Bill Parcells is a guy that since I was a little kid I’ve always admired, their quarterbacks have all played really, really well.”

Thus, while the potential success of the Chargers under Staley, a former defensive coordinator, could result in offensive coordinators getting head-coaching jobs elsewhere, the offense will remain the same because the offense is Herbert.

“[T]hey’ve had continuity with their head coach and they’ve had continuity with their systems,” Staley said regarding great quarterbacks. “I think that that’s something a defensive coach can provide, and hopefully I can provide it to our team. Not just to Justin Herbert, but to our team, [provide] that other side, that extra education that hopefully can sort of complete their thinking and help us be the team we’re capable of being.”

Based on Herbert’s performance as a rookie, the Chargers are capable of plenty. Even in a division that includes Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, the Chargers could compete to become the best team. Before that, they may end up being the best team in Los Angeles.

10 responses to “Chargers offense to “run through” Justin Herbert

  1. Mahomes didn’t even play his rookie year. It’s tough to play QB in the NFL as a rookie. The Chargers struggled early last year, but they were still very competitive in all but one game. But then, Herbert started getting his feet under himself, and they finished the season winning their final four games, and seemed primed for a great 2021. I thought Anthony Lynn would get serious consideration for Coach of the Year. Instead he got fired. That was a shocker. Hopefully the coaching change doesn’t set the team back to where they were at the end of last season when they were practically unbeatable. Every young QB gets better, so you would expect Herbert to do the same. Based on where they were last season, I expect at least 12 wins. I don’t expect the new coach to be as good as Anthony Lynn, but I’m hopeful. Obvioulsy Lynn was fired for personal reasons, not job performance.

  2. They’re going to find out real quick. s they play at WFT in week 1. WFT might have the best defense in the NFL.

  3. Herbert is going to be a great QB in the NFL. loved him out of Oregon. He had a fanrastic rookie year. He had the Chargers in every game. He will be the next great NFL QB

  4. “Studying the great players that have played that position and guys I’ve looked up to from a coaching standpoint like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Jim Harbaugh. Bill Parcells“

    Wait….Mike Tomlin? Haha!!!!

  5. @charliecharger – Lynn was fired for performance reasons as the losses especially the close losses came almost directly from poor clock management/coaching errors which not only had he not shown improvement on over the years he actually seemed to be getting worse. Wasting another season of Herbert’s rookie contract would have been foolish.

  6. Meanwhile the Dolphins are still wondering if Tua, who was taken ahead of Herbert, is capable of running any NFL offense.

  7. It’s n a QB driven league, it’s definitely the approach a coach should consider taking: but only with the right QB. It’s not an approach I’d personally take with Drew Lock or Trubisky. Herbert may be another great one, he had a stellar rookie year. I kind of hope he continues it to make the division more interesting to watch.

  8. Since the QB is almost always the player who takes the snap from center and either gives or passes it to a teammate, how can a team NOT run its offense through him?

  9. “Best team in LA”. I am not a Chargers fan, but I watched the Chargers play a lot on the NFL app after the season ended. At the end of the year, they were good! I saw a team that was putting things together. I was also surprised they fired Anthony Lynn and let Shane Steichen, who had guided Herbert to that great year, go to the Eagles. Hopefully, that won’t mess up their mojo, because they were starting to look like one of the better teams in the league. Reminded me a bit of the 2016 Eagles. “Best team in LA” is very realistic. That team is getting good.

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