Christian McCaffrey speaking out on mental health of military veterans

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A recent report found that more than 30,000 active duty military personnel and veterans have died by suicide since September 11, 2001, which is more than four times as many as have died in combat. Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey is speaking out about the importance of protecting the mental health of those who have served.

McCaffrey has spent much of the offseason working on fundraising efforts for the Christian McCaffrey Foundation, which provides services to military veterans and their families.

“Mental health is an unbelievably important topic, especially today,” McCaffrey told Alaina Getzenberg of the Charlotte Observer. “Unfortunately, I’ve been not a part of, but I’ve experienced friends who have lost their lives through mental health issues and who’ve struggled a lot due to mental health.”

McCaffrey said he hopes that helping veterans becomes a major part of his legacy as an NFL player.

“This is something that’s going to require everyone’s effort now,” McCaffrey said, “as far as taking care of our veterans.”

9 responses to “Christian McCaffrey speaking out on mental health of military veterans

  1. Great idea and classy focus my McCaffrey. Very important and great cause. I cannot imagine what our service personnel go through and experience. It is a shame that the government who puts them in these positions do not do more to support them.

  2. Good for CMC fighting for something he believes in. May all humanitarian efforts and contributions of current and former players be celebrated, not just on Independence Day, but throughout the year.

  3. Good for him. Everyone gets upset about players taking a knee but our government is the one that really disrespects our service members. Especially those that have already served. They act like they care when it benefits them.

  4. What about the mental health of our Police Officers? Where is the NFL support? Hmm…

  5. This is the kind of topic that needs to be shared.

    I have worked as a nurse, in a mental health VA hospital for going on 17 years now.
    I see what some of our Veterans struggle with on a daily basis. I have personally known, and worked with a number of these heroes who have chosen to end their lives.
    This needs to be addressed for certain.

  6. As a vet who suffers from mental health issues I appreciate things like this. The military does help vets who seek help. The problem is what happens to your career once you do it. My life in the military was significantly harder afterwards. That’s why many chose not to seek the help but it’s there. The VA also helps vets with mental health issues for free btw.

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