Eddie Goldman’s future remains in question

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles
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Nose tackle Eddie Goldman was an unexcused absence at the Bears’ mandatory minicamp after opting out of 2020 over COVID-19 concerns.

The Bears repeatedly have said they expect Goldman to return for training camp, which begins later this month. However, until he shows up for work or speaks publicly, Goldman’s future remains in doubt.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune cited a league source who suggested Goldman “could be weighing retirement.”

Goldman, 27, has not played since the first quarter of the team’s Dec. 22, 2019, loss to the Chiefs at Soldier Field.

The Bears surely hope for the return of Goldman, who is scheduled to make $4.75 million in base salary this season after having his contract toll. They ranked 15th in run defense in 2020 without him.

The team did cover itself in the event Goldman doesn’t play this season, adding veteran Mike Pennel last month. That late signing would seem to indicate the Bears also have a question about whether Goldman intends to play this season.

6 responses to “Eddie Goldman’s future remains in question

  1. Hand back the portion of the signing bonus if you should choose retirement.

  2. Its a shame if he has lost his fire to play the game that made him set for life, but it happens. Good player, but if the will isn’t there, it isn’t there. On the down-side he was a good rising young player for the team I root for. On the upside at least he should be able to pick up and recognize his kids when he turns 40…..

  3. What the heck, did he find another jyob that is going to pay him that kind of money?. If covid is still a concern , why? Did the guy just become lazy all of a sudden? C’mon Eddie. the Bears drafted you in the second round for a reason. Get Back To Work. and kick some butt.

  4. Why does it have to be because he’s lazy if he doesn’t want to play anymore? Perhaps the year off made him adjust his priorities. Too many fans think of players as tools for their own entertainment and when they don’t live up to what that fan wants or expects they are lazy, or an entitled millionaire. Fans need to get over their own selfishness before slamming players for theirs.

  5. Reminds me of the time when the Raiders starting OC Barrett Robbins decided to just not show up for the Super Bowl. And Rich Gannon, 4-time back-to-back Pro Bowler, 2-time All-Pro, and LEAGUE MVP at the time, and also the most accurate QB in the league in 2002, wound up throwing 5 INTs in that game. Of course it didn’t help that the opposing HC knew exactly where we were going with the ball on basically every play.

    We had gone 9-1 in our previous 10 games, and beaten our 2 playoff opponents by a combined 37 points, total domination. Only to lose to TB in the SB by 27.

    Ah, the joyful memories.


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