49ers considering a red helmet worn in 1955 as a second helmet for 2022

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers announced last week they will wear red throwback uniforms from 1994 for four home games this season. In 2022, the league will allow teams to wear an alternative helmet as well.

The 49ers could take advantage of the two-helmet rule for the 2022 season with a helmet worn by the team more than 60 years ago.

“There’s really two options for us,” 49ers chief marketing officer Alex Chang told Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports. “Stick with the ’94 helmet, which we’re already using today and we love that look — or a 1955 helmet which was a red helmet with a silver stripe and face mask. We’re looking at both.”

The 49ers will have to submit their intent to the league by July 31 in order to wear a second helmet in 2022.

Chang said the 49ers will use an alternate helmet logo when they wear the ’94 throwback uniforms. They put an oval helmet decal on the side and a “saloon font” helmet front they wore during the 1994 championship season.

Because it’s only a change in decal, and not the actual helmet, the team does not require league approval. They would have to submit their two-helmet proposal only if they go with the 1955 red helmet.

The 49ers’ gold helmets, of course, have become synonymous with the franchise.

5 responses to “49ers considering a red helmet worn in 1955 as a second helmet for 2022

  1. They should go with the silver helmet with the SF decal from the 1960’s.

  2. No team has a better second helmet two original AFL teams, e.g., Houston Oilers (Titans) and the Boston Patriots. The logos are iconic.

  3. All of these league deadlines and rules for alternate helmets seem arbitrary and stupid.

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