Andrew Whitworth: Nick Bosa “one of the most powerful kids” I’ve ever faced

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49ers defensive end Nick Bosa had nine regular season sacks during his rookie year, but none of them came in his two games against the Rams.

Bosa still made a strong impression on Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth, however. Whitworth was a guest on Chris Long’s podcast and spent some of his appearance talking about pass rushers who have impressed him. Bosa was at the top of that list thanks to having “rare power” that Whitowrth thinks will grow in the future.

“I think he’s a special rusher,” Whitworth said, via “I think feeling him as a rookie, he’s one of the most powerful kids I’ve ever felt that young. Really in the run game, pass game, everything. He’s got some serious pop. And so I think there’s youth strength and then there’s like, man when this guy kind of hits his stride, if he’s that powerful now, wow. He’s gonna be a guy that’s gonna really be able to push the pocket. And obviously plays with an incredible motor and has the big brother to look up to who’s a hell of a player too.”

Whitworth said that Bosa “has felt more powerful” than that brother — Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa — and has a “really special” career ahead of him. Whitworth didn’t face Bosa last year because of Bosa’s torn ACL and doesn’t expect to be around for many more meetings, although not having to face Bosa multiple times a year might be one of the things he’s looking forward to in retirement.

10 responses to “Andrew Whitworth: Nick Bosa “one of the most powerful kids” I’ve ever faced

  1. Bosa is so incredibly powerful. Watch him closely. A lot of guys have to sort of straighten up as they rush in order to produce power to move the offensive lineman or swat at him. They can use their speed to get around but when caught by the lineman they have to straighten to battle him. Not Bosa– he has the unique ability to use his power at weird angles and this keeps the OL off-balance. Just fantastic– take the time to watch him closely. It’s great.

  2. Both Bosa’s are made of glass. Has either one of them ever played an entire 16 game season?

  3. Yeah. The same thing was said about Reggie White and how did that turn out?

  4. Nick Bosa was probably the MVP of the NFL his rookie season. I can’t think of a more dominant defensive player in recent years. He impacted every play. He made the opposing offense redirect what they were doing. He led his team to the super bowl. Then he went down with an injury and the team was mediocre. That’s what MVP’s do. DeForest Buckner was a huge loss, too. He wasn’t Bosa, but he was really good. I’m still not sure why they let Buckner get away. That wasn’t a wise move.

  5. The problem with Bosa is like his brother he is incredibly injury prone. Hard to help the club from the tub and thus far injuries have been the story of Nick’s career thus far dealing with injuries his rookie year where he got banged up and then promptly tore his ACL in his 2nd season. Bosa deals with so many soft tissue injuries to his muscles and ligaments because his frame is way overloaded and his tissues cannot handle the load/stress he constantly puts them under. This will be the story of his career as the injuries aren’t going away w/ Nick Bosa. They’ve plagued him since HS and will continue to. Especially playing on that horrible field in Santa Clara that apparently was built on a cursed Indian grave yard as they lose a bunch of keys guys every single year to that turf.

  6. Agreed, Charlie. He was probably the MVP that year– he was so dominant and he made his entire team better.

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