Chris Hogan is traded from PLL Cannons to Whipsnakes

LACROSSE: JUN 12 Premier Lacrosse League - Whipsnakes v Cannons
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Former NFL receiver Chris Hogan never was traded during nine NFL seasons. He’s been traded during his first season in the Premier Lacrosse League.

We’re told that Hogan and Drew Simoneau have been sent by the Cannons to the Whipsnakes for Kevin Reisman.

Hogan played in only one game for the Cannons, against the Whipsnakes. Both franchises are part of an eight-team league.

The Whipsnakes next play the Redwoods in Minneapolis on July 10. The Cannons face the Archers on July 11.

All games are streamed on Peacock. Some also are televised by NBCSN.

4 responses to “Chris Hogan is traded from PLL Cannons to Whipsnakes

  1. So, perusing the rosters, I see quite a few players from Long Island and quite a few who attended the University of Maryland.

    When I was a kid on LI, Lacrosse was big deal. Having been smart enough to cross a bridge and never look back, I now see it’s still big. In those days Johns Hopkins ruled the college world.

    PS: Ward Melville High School(E. Setaucket) ruled the HS Lacrosse world.

  2. I am a HS lax head coach. Even I couldn’t give a crap less about this league

  3. Lacrosse—— the greatest sport the majority of people have never played.

    The original All-American game.

  4. Lacrosse is one of the most fun sports to play in the history of mankind. Unfortunately it’s also one of the most boring to watch for fans, so can’t see a league doing too much.

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