Colts think their receivers are better than other people do

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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Colts General Manager Chris Ballard is not a proponent of “right out the gate free agency where you’re paying B players A-plus money” and one spot that he’s resisted making any big swings in that market is wide receiver.

The only free agent receiver the Colts signed this offseason was one of their own as they brought T.Y. Hilton back for a 10th season in Indianapolis. Ballard said on The Athletic Football Show with Robert Mays that Hilton “can still play” and that the Colts are confident about the entire group despite not having a wideout that makes defenses say “holy crap man, how are we gonna stop this guy?”

“I’m betting on Michael Pittman, who I think’s got a chance to be really good,” Ballard said, via Jonathan X. Simmons of the Indianapolis Star. “I thought he ended the year strong. He had a big playoff game with over 100 yards. Everybody just ignores Zach Pascal, but all he’s done is catch touchdowns over the last two years. And then getting Parris Campbell back is a big bonus and he’s looked great during the offseason. We think we’re a little better than other people do.”

The Colts are making a big bet on quarterback Carson Wentz along with the one they’re making on their wide receiving corps. Hitting on both would be further affirmation of the approach that Ballard has put in place to build the Colts over the last few years.

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  1. They also think their QB is better than other people know he is as well….. where’s the story here? Irsay and the Colts have been delusional for decades

  2. I think that with Wentz, they would have tried to surround him with talent as much as possible. We’ve seen how he deals with having to carry the load. Maybe Reich can train it out of him, but hopefully Wentz stops trying to play hero-ball and just runs the play given to him. If he feels like he can’t trust the receiver, he won’t throw to them, period.

  3. As long as they can hang another participation banner they are happy in Indy.

  4. After the Wentz trade, a common theme in predictions of how Wentz will fare in Indy was that he would do better there because Indy’s receivers are than Philly’s.

    But the approach the GM is taking to acquiring WR talent should sound familiar to Wentz, and fans of the team he used to play for.

    Maybe Indy’s receivers looked so much better than Philly’s in 2020 because Rivers ran the plays called by the coaches, and was good at taking what opposing defenses gave him, while Wentz spent the season killing plays and forcing things.

    The QB is the most important guy on the field. If Wentz doesn’t break his bad habits, this group of WRs won’t look any better than Philly’s did last year.

  5. Can we go back and review the comments made about Rivers last year and how “washed up” he was? Guess what, Indy gave him a good offensive line and they go 11-5 with all his physical limitations. Maybe O-line matters more the WR.

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