Joe Schobert: Trevor Lawrence has a “once-in-a-generation arm”

Jacksonville Jaguars Mandatory Minicamp
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The Jaguars announced quarterback Trevor Lawrence had signed his rookie deal on Monday, putting the No. 1 pick under contract with training camp still a few weeks away.

How Lawrence performs will significantly factor into Jacksonville’s overall success in 2021 and beyond. One of Lawrence’s teammates recently set out the high level of expectations for the young QB.

Linebacker Joe Schobert has played on several teams that finished with terrible records, including Jacksonville’s 1-15 last season. But what he’s observed from Lawrence so far seems to give him optimism for the Jaguars’ long-term prospects.

“Trevor’s got an arm — a once-in-a-generation arm — and if he can put it together upstairs mentally for the rookie season in the NFL, which is always, as a quarterback, the hardest thing to do, [then] we’ll be very successful if we can get all that accomplished,” Schobert said during a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Schobert added he thinks Lawrence is a great guy whose poise and confidence were impressive during the offseason program.

“I mean, as a rookie coming into the NFL, I know I definitely wasn’t that confident,” Schobert said. “I was looking up to my veterans, trying to soak up all the information, which he has been very respectful in asking questions. He comes in with a certain poise and a certain caliber, which I expect quarterbacks really should believe in themselves because they play in such a high-stress environment and they’re the ones who get critiqued and judged the most on the football field.

“I think if he’s able to mentally put everything together, like picking up a new playbook, understanding teams and going against different kinds of athletes on the defensive side of the ball, he can be an extremely good quarterback for the next, 10, 15, 20 years for Jacksonville. It’s going to be exciting to see how he progresses because he has all the tools and all the talent.”

Lawrence will begin to put those skills to the test when training camp begins later this month.

15 responses to “Joe Schobert: Trevor Lawrence has a “once-in-a-generation arm”

  1. Seems like every year we have a QB come out of college that’s “once in a generational” talent…

    EVERY year.

  2. Remember when Jamarcus Russell threw it out of the endzone while on his knees from like 60 yards out? Once in a generation arm…

  3. I dont think some people know how once in a generation works. Once in a generation isn’t every year. Because this is said almost every year.

  4. It’s going to be great to see how he and Zach Wilson compare over the years – this whole class really.

  5. Jumping on the bandwagon, but doesn’t Pat Mahomes have a once-in-a-generation arm? I thought Josh Allen had a once-in-a-generation arm? So maybe Lawrence has a thrice-in-a-generation arm? Justin Herbert looked pretty good last year. Joe Burrow maybe doesn’t have a once-in-a-generation arm, but he was lauded as a once-in-a-generation prospect and looked pretty good last year.

    Piling up expectations on this kid before he’s taken an NFL snap. I know the media wants players to be candid, but what happened to “coach speak”? How about, “he’s just a rookie, but he’s looked really good out there.” instead of stacking his arm talent against Mahomes and Allen.

  6. Mike Tyson did everyone has a plan til they get hit in the face. Let’s see how Lawrence does under pressure

  7. As it has been proven once in generational talent means absolutely nothing. The 1st round draft is littered on the failed assessments of both teams and all the pundits of “once in a generation talent” that don’t make it through their first contract. And arm talent is only about 30% of the actual talent to be a NFL QB, the 70% (and where they fail the most) is being able to read a D through the play, not just at the snap, make the progression of reads and be able to throw to the correct receiver. If Trevor can do that he should be good if not great, if he can’t he will be on of the many another failed 1st round drafted QB. We should know in a year or two, if it takes three not very good for the team.

  8. A generation is measure by 20+ years… you know, like the usual length of time of a person from birth to actually start reproducing…

    every year, every 5 years, every 10 every 15 years is NOT accurate to say ‘once in a generation’!

  9. The “once in a generation arm” thing is just a cliche media and coaches use. It means nothing. Andrew Luck had one too, but not a once in a generation body and he never won anything. It doesn’t matter.

  10. It’s really alarming how poorly taught college QBs are when it comes to reading defenses and going through progression. This is where most 1st round QBs fail. In order to help mitigate this, the NFL has turned the pro game into much more of a college type game..

  11. If you want to be a stickler about the semantics of a “generation” then Lawrence is a once in-a-decade prospect. Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and John Elway were the last couple before him. Doesn’t guarantee Lawrence will become a great NFL QB but as a prospect he really checks all the boxes. I’m certainly excited to see him play in the NFL. With Mahomes and Allen both in the league and arguably not even in their prime yet, saying Lawrence has a “generational arm” is a bit of a stretch though. Lawrence as a complete draft prospect was better than both of them but he doesn’t quite have the arm they do.

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