Latavius Murray wants to be more efficient this season

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Saints running back Latavius Murray ran the ball 146 times during the 2019 season and posted the same number of carries in 2020, but the team got a bit more out of Murray the second time around.

He ran for 19 more yards in 2020 and posted his highest yards per carry since his rookie season in 2014. Murray also saw his yards per catch increase while complementing Alvin Kamara in the New Orleans backfield and he would like to see his efficiency continue to move in the right direction in his third season as a Saint.

“For me personally, I just want to be more efficient than I was the year previously or just the best ever to be honest with you,” Murray said, via the team’s website. “So I want to run the ball well, protect, catch the ball, and just have the best year. That’s how I go into each year, being the best I can.”

Kamara’s presence means Murray is unlikely to reach the kind of raw numbers he mustered as a lead back earlier in his career, but any more he can bring to the table as the team breaks in a new starting quarterback this year will be appreciated.

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  1. Have so much respect for Murray. Had the opportunity to chat with him years back in an airport bar. One of the smartest football players you’ll ever meet, both on and off the field. He’ll make an excellent coach someday if he decides to pursue that side of the sport once his playing days are done.

    And the dude is 31 and he’s still incredibly productive.

  2. Ingrams departure from the saints could have left a huge void,but instead Murray has filled it very well. He has power and can break open runs nicely. I feel he could be used with more frequency as a reciever out of the backfield.

  3. I’ve always liked Murray. And these comments indicate that he’s really got his head on straight. Stick to the fundamentals. Know the playbook, take care of the ball, know your blocking assignments, and everything else will fall into place.

    If he needs to be more efficient than he was last year, I’d put more of the blame for that on the coaches than I would on him. If there’s any coach who risks overthinking things, it’s Payton. There were times last year when it felt like, given the situation and the play called, the Saints were using the wrong guy in the backfield. Murray’s talents weren’t exploited the way they could’ve been.

  4. Murray has had a nice career and has been productive at every stop. He rarely gets stood up at the line of scrimmage. Perfect back to give Kamara a breather or pound the ball in for a TD.

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