Derek Carr wants to beat Davante Adams in the Super Bowl, then recruit him to the Raiders

USA Today

Derek Carr isn’t done talking about a reunion with Davante Adams.

Carr, the Raiders quarterback who played with Adams at Fresno State, said on Cris Collinsworth’s podcast that tampering rules don’t apply to players, and so Carr will continue talking to Adams about coming to Las Vegas, even though Adams is under contract to the Packers for another year.

“Davante, he’s one of my best friends,” Carr said. “I’m gonna offer him whatever I gotta offer. I’ll buy him a car, whatever I’ve got to do I’ll offer that man. I know he would fit in great with the receivers we have here. He would fit so well in that room. I’m allowed to say those things. Our organization isn’t, but I’m going to say it. He’s my best friend, I think he’s one of the best — he’s the best receiver in the NFL.”

Carr said his ideal scenario would be the Raiders beating the Packers in the Super Bowl in February, and then Adams signing with the Raiders in free agency in March.

“He’s focused on being a Packer and I know that because I see how he works,” Carr said. “I know how he works and I know how much it means to him. He’s focused on that and I’m focused on trying to get to the Super Bowl, win the Super Bowl, hopefully he’s in it so I can beat his butt too. That’s the plan, then recruit him over to the dark side.”

Adams has been more cautious, saying he won’t talk about playing for anyone but the Packers right now. Carr, however, will keep talking about how much he’d like the two former Fresno State teammates to be teammates in Las Vegas.

22 responses to “Derek Carr wants to beat Davante Adams in the Super Bowl, then recruit him to the Raiders

  1. At least Carr has a really good shot at being a stand up comedian. Super Bowl champion, not so much.

  2. Madden ’22 is the only chance of those teams making the Super Bowl.

  3. Settle down Mr. Carr , you have to make the playoffs to get to a superbowl and you only achieved that 1 time.

  4. Carr doesn’t get to the playoffs someone else will be playing catch with Adams.

  5. Derek Carr: 1 playoff appearance in 7 years, playoff record: 0-1.
    For him, to imply he’ll beat the Packers in the Super Bowl is a bit pathetic.

  6. Is Derek Carr seriously talking about the Superbowl???

    He’s 19-29 since the Mack trade and his replacement, you know…. the young QB they should have draft with all those picks are all on other teams!

  7. If you think you need to offer someone a car to get them to think about what you want, that is very sad. Davante has said he is a Packer, and doesn’t want to even talk about anything else.

    Davante is signing a extension with the Packers. It’s only a matter of time. It may not get done until the offseason, because of cap issues, but everyone involved has said it will get done.

  8. Davante Adams has a better chance of being on the Raiders roster in a year or two than Carr does.
    Chucky will cut bait as soon as he’s able to get someone marginally better.

  9. Probably better odds that Carr is throwing passes to Adams in Green Bay this year then the Raiders winning a Superbowl (with Aaron as QB).

  10. Career “subpar guy” is talking super bowl? I’m wondering if David is the better Carr brother, and he was awful…

  11. Carr has one NFL record: Most losses by a QB in his first seven years. Seriously.

  12. I want to win the U.S. Open this year and then recruit Bryson DeChambeau for the Ryder Cup.

  13. Carr must be dreaming of Tecmo Bowl days you know back when Raiders were relevant.

  14. This guy really is a clown. Between him and Gruden, Raiders’ really do deserve better

  15. Adams next contract is gonna be about $23-$25M/yr. The cost of a new car will be found in his couch cushions.

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