Kyle Shanahan was upset when Rams landed Matthew Stafford

San Francisco 49ers vLos Angeles Rams
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San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan admits he wasn’t happy about it when the Rams reached a deal to acquire Matthew Stafford this offseason, both because it made a division rival better and because the 49ers thought they could make a move to land Stafford.

Appearing with Rams coach Sean McVay and Peter Schrager on the Flying Coach podcast, Shanahan said he was upset when he found out the Rams landed Stafford.

“That was frustrating,” Shanahan said. “Everyone was telling me it was a possibility, and Stafford is the man. I studied him hard coming out of college, and we played against him so we know how good he is.”

It was already known that the 49ers were one of several teams that showed interest in trading for Stafford, but Shanahan hadn’t previously made clear how much he wanted Stafford, and how disappointed he was when the Rams made a deal with the Lions first. Shanahan said the 49ers had been in touch with Stafford’s agent, Tom Condon, but didn’t realize that the Rams were so close to getting a deal done. Shanahan said that on the night the Rams and Lions agreed to their deal, someone in the know called him and told him, “If you want Stafford you need to get a hold of him right now,” and then only minutes later the news broke that the deal was done.

McVay said he was as surprised as Shanahan was at how quickly the Rams and Lions were able to make the agreement, which sent Stafford to the Rams for Jared Goff, two first-round picks and a third-round pick.

“If it makes you feel any better, it came together faster than I thought, too, Kyle,” McVay told Shanahan.

Shanahan and the 49ers eventually made a big move for a quarterback and traded up in the draft to take Trey Lance, but if Stafford leads the Rams to a couple of wins over the 49ers this year, Shanahan may view Stafford as the one who got away.

29 responses to “Kyle Shanahan was upset when Rams landed Matthew Stafford

  1. Everyone fleeces the Rams. They don’t have another 1st round pick till 2043

  2. Does *anyone* in the Niners organization respect Jimmy G at this point?

  3. Looks like the level of confidence in Jimmy G has just about bottomed out.

  4. Shanahan knows that was the best trade in years and that it makes the Rams are the best team in the NFC.

  5. What has Kyle Shanahan done as a head coach to be getting so much revernce ?

  6. Kyle was also upset when the Packers hung up on John Lynch when he called.

  7. If I’m Jimmy G I got to feel seriously disrespected and have to wonder why I’d want to play for Shanahan.

  8. Of course a coach for a division rival is going to speak highly of their opponent. We used to call that sand bagging in Spades.

  9. That Rolling Stones song that says “You cant always get what you want” Comes to mind!

  10. Chris’s buddy Kyle has made 4 huge QB errors. He will be fired within 2 years, in my opinion.

  11. The rams and the 9ers will be 3rd and 4th in the division. Stafford isn’t all that great, and jimmy G/ trey Lance won’t perform up to par. One because he’s a rook the other because he’s topped out, and gets thrown under the bus PUBLICLY by coach over and over.

  12. Wow, I was shocked too when the Rams traded away all their picks, the kitchen sink, and grandma’s secret cookie recipe for that older Detroit QB.

  13. All you haters go back to your dungeons. That trade made the Rams the best team in the best division in football. Stafford’s is going to flourish in McVay’s offense and the best defense from last year will be just as good this year.

  14. Ya he liked Jimmy G a lot too and traded the farm for the kid from a D2 school so let’s see how it goes.

  15. The Niners have a lot of confidence in Jimmy G’s talent. It’s his ability to stay healthy that caused the Niners to look for another QB.

  16. I have no idea why you guys are so fixated on first round picks. The draft is rolling the dice, even in the first round. How many first round picks, and second round picks, amounted to nothing?

    What I’m seeing is that the Rams prefer to trade draft picks for known commodities. When we draft players in later rounds, we’re drafting people who don’t have to be starters their first season. When someone’s rookie contract runs out we can either keep them or let them go and promote someone we’ve been developing for a couple of years.

    Stafford regularly had 4,000 and 5,000 yard seasons in Detroit. He’s got a cannon for an arm. He’s a better fit for what McVay wants to do. As soon as that trade was announced the expectation was Super Bowl. Detroit is building an offense around what Goff does well, so the trade may be a win-win.

  17. Shanahan is so overrated. I put him in the top three hot seat list this year.

  18. Detroit wasn’t on TV much outside of their own area because they weren’t winning. Most of the people posting here I’ve never really seen him play more than a game here or there. Mostly they’ve seen the record of wins and losses. As a Vikings fan we used Detroit as a doormat year in and year out and I will tell you that Stafford is a winner. I Watched him try to force that team down the field against any odds, hang in there and take hits and compete right up to the last second. The guy is tough as nails, and is as committed to the team as anyone you’ll find. I think he will do good things with the Rams. For all the haters out there, you’re entitled to your opinion, but think a minute about how you are forming it and what information you have. The guy Is better than the team’s record.

  19. I’m very happy the Rams got Stafford. Almost guarantees the Bears a win in the 1st game of the season.

  20. Stafford is good and knows what the Lions are and had to get out of there. The NFL uses one or two knobs to not per say guarantee a perfect playoff picture but to get it pretty close to the teams that are going to generate the most revenue for them. For decades the 2 ”knobs” were small market teams the Cleveland Browns and the Lions. We see all of the egregious calls against hapless teams. Eventually the team would get strong enough to overcome the marginal calls as in Cleveland’s case now but these small market teams are never perirenal contenders.

  21. Of course it came together quickly. 800 draft picks will have that effect

  22. Shanahan knows X’s and O’s but comes across dumb “and stuff”. His winning record stinks (without Jimmy) and he loses it at the end of big games. Wonder if Jimmy was upset when Shanahan resigned and they didn’t land a better coach? Shanahan should coach and let a way smarter John lynch do the talking.

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