XFL looking to spring of 2023 for relaunch

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The Canadian Football League released a statement on Wednesday saying it was no longer pursuing a formal working partnership with the XFL and the XFL followed up a short time later with a statement about its plans for the future.

The XFL went into bankruptcy after the COVID-19 pandemic cut short its return in the spring of 2020 and was bought by an investment group including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson last summer. The initial plan was to relaunch in the spring of 2022 and discussions with the CFL about a partnership took place earlier this year, but the XFL said Wednesday that they’ve pushed that back another year.

“While our discussions with the CFL did not ultimately lead to a collaboration, the effort reinforced our belief and commitment to developing the XFL for international spring football,” the league’s statement said, via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal. “We look forward to seeing everyone for kickoff in spring of 2023.”

The CFL’s statement said they “remain open to finding new ways to work together in the future,” but getting back on the field at all is a significant first step for the latest bid at a lasting spring league in the United States.

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  1. An alternative league should work with the NFL to provide spring football in cities not now with franchises.

    The NFL would offer players from the practice squads, the XFL or other league becoming a training base, like the MLB minor leagues, for future NFL stars. The XFL could bid to keep a player in that league.

    Cities that don’t have franchises like San Antonio, Columbus, Ohio, Salt Lake City, Portland would be offered franchises.

  2. The CFL got close enough to smell dog crap and are smart to not step in it. The XFL is a joke league and would have gone belly up without the pandemic.

  3. In related news, the XFL PR firm has already prepared a statement dated Sept 1, 2023 announcing the league’s folding.

  4. The only way this will ever have a chance is if they stop trying whacky and different. Just mimic the NFL model. They fail to realize that people aren’t looking for a different style of football, just more football.

  5. Now that Vince McMahon isn’t in charge, the XFL finally has a chance to succeed.

  6. What in the world are these people doing, despite Cocid they built up a solid foundation enough to restart the XFL back in 2022. The XFL did a lot of things right, the games were fun and their teams were building nice fanbases.

    In fact they didn’t need to partner with the CFL. It looks like it’s going to be a bust if they don’t strike while tbe iron is still lukewarm.

  7. I don’t like the idea of a direct connection with the NFL. The idea of using the XFL as a training ground for players, coaches and officials seems to be the right concept. Specifically, while the players are working toward being picked up by an NFL team, the XFL can try innovative rules (with or without the NFL Competition Committee’s input), and the thing at which the XFL really succeeded was its use of the “sky judge” with full transparency. Dean Blandino really got that right, but it’s up to the NFL owners to adopt that scheme (not hopeful about that). Finally, I like putting teams in cities that don’t currently have them. How in hell does San Antonio not have an NFL team? Orlando? San Diego? Salt Lake City?

  8. Maybe without McMahon they can move on from the gimmicks and focus on football.

  9. Aaaaaaand we’re looking at spring 2024 to be the last time you ever hear about the XFL.

  10. I see Dwayne Johnson take his time like McMahon did with 2nd run of the XFL. But I hope that he looks into different markets for teams that aren’t saturated with NBA, NHL, and College teams. Here’s how I see the XFL in 2023:
    1. St. Louis (league’s most profitable team)
    2. Seattle (Only competition will be the Krakken)
    3. Oakland or San Diego (Nothing competes with the Lakers in L.A.)
    4. San Antonio (Most profitable team in the AAF)
    5. Washington (Keep the Beer Snake alive in the XFL)
    6. Milwaukee or Chicago (There will be a demand for football in frigid temperatures)
    7. Baltimore (No NBA. No NHL. No Brainer.)
    8. Orlando (Viper’s franchise was amongst the worst in attendance)

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