Mickey Loomis: Jameis Winston has everything you want, but he will have to win job

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For the first time since 2005, the Saints won’t have Drew Brees as their starting quarterback. It remains to be decided who will replace Brees.

Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill are competing for the job.

Winston has more experience at quarterback than Hill, having started 70 career games and thrown for 19,812 yards and 121 touchdowns.

However, it doesn’t appear either quarterback enters training camp with an edge after the two began their competition in the offseason program. Winston will have to win the job in training camp and in the preseason if he is to become a full-time starter again.

“He’s going to be in a competition with Taysom,” General Manager Mickey Loomis told SiriusXM’s The Adam Schein Podcast. “So, you know, we’re really excited and high on Taysom just as we are on Jameis, and it’s going to be interesting to see how that, you know, shakes out. Listen, Jameis has been fantastic, and you have these impressions of guys afar, that when you get them in your building, you really learn a lot about them. He did just fantastic — fantastic as a teammate, fantastic representative of the organization. He’s a smart, smart football player. He’s hardworking. Just everything you would want. So I’m excited to see how this shakes out. We got a great room there with those two guys and Ian Book, who we drafted, and Trevor Siemian, who’s on our team. So I’m excited to see how that all shakes out because those guys are all about winning, and we’ll see what happens.”

12 responses to “Mickey Loomis: Jameis Winston has everything you want, but he will have to win job

  1. “Everything you want” as long as he’s eliminated his ridiculous turnover rate. Maybe he has. Maybe he hasn’t.

  2. You can not win with a QBs who creates turnovers at the rate he has over multiple years of a career. Most good QBs have one bad year of crazy turnovers he’s got over half his seasons that way. Can’t do it

  3. Jameis Winston has everything you want, physically. He has the same physical talent as John Elway, and Elway was one of the most physically gifted QB’s ever. But, as Tom Brady keeps reminding us, it’s a position that requires great mental discipline. Heck, Brady could be the least athletic QB I’ve ever seen. And he’s also proven the system and the coach don’t matter.

  4. ‘Jameis Winston has everything you want’

    That’s funny because 32 teams have spoken last years free agency and NO ONE was wanting him… He is only a Saint because he was a bargain Low LOW price!

  5. Per Loomis if you read closely and/or between the lines, it is clearly Taysom Hill as starter and on Winston to win the position. I still feel Sean Payton will utilize both in his offense.

  6. Brady was on his way to 30 picks too until he modified that ridiculous offense.

  7. charliecharger says:

    “And he’s [Brady’s] also proven the system and the coach don’t matter.”


    Breathtaking…and not in the way you want to be breathtaking!

  8. ““Everything you want” as long as he’s eliminated his ridiculous turnover rate. Maybe he has. Maybe he hasn’t.”

    Arians has a long history of QBs turning it over a lot meanwhile everybody the Saints has played at QB the past several years has looked good including guys who aren’t even true QBs. When your offense can have Taysom Hill complete 70% of his passes you have a scheme where anybody can thrive.

  9. Winston is a good backup. He makes too many poor decisions to be a top starter. He’s been in the league a number of years with a number of coaches and the results have always been the same — too many turnovers/mistakes.

  10. I’ll be curious if Winston will do better in a short passing game and with Sean Payton coaching him.

    In the Arians’ ‘most air yards ever’ downfield throwing system, Winston had a ton as we all know.

    In Todd Monken’s spread offense (2016, 2017) the interception numbers weren’t off the charts. More than you want, but they also didn’t have a great offensive line and had a sub-par running game.

    Unless he implodes in camp, he’ll get the first nod. Will be interesting to see how he does.

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