Patrick Mahomes excited to make another run at winning the Super Bowl this year

AFC Championship - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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By all accounts, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has recovered well from the surgery to repair ligaments in the big toe of his left foot. After participating in OTAs and minicamp, Mahomes said he didn’t foresee any problems moving forward with the toe.

During a Thursday interview on NFL Network, Mahomes reiterated that stance from a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

“The toe’s feeling great,” Mahomes said. “I’m out here playing golf, being able to walk around the course. I’ve been running, cutting, jumping, throwing, doing it all. So I’m just excited to get back to training camp and have another chance to make a run at it and win the Super Bowl this year.”

Mahomes also recently posted a workout video that showed him running at speeds up to 20.6 miles per hour.

Entering his fifth year as a pro, Mahomes said this offseason has felt similar to the others — with one notable exception.

“It’s different in the sense that you don’t have the parades and all that different type of stuff,” Mahomes said. “But I think the beautiful thing about the NFL is every single year, you start from scratch. You have to come in, you have to put in the work to try to get to the big game and try to win it. And so for us, win or lose that Super Bowl the last two years, we still have that same mentality of we’re going to start from scratch and build and try to find a way to get back to that game.”

The Chiefs have compiled a 38-10 record since Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback in 2018. Kansas City won Super Bowl LIV before falling to Tampa Bay in Super Bowl LV last season.

25 responses to “Patrick Mahomes excited to make another run at winning the Super Bowl this year

  1. Which is exactly why teams that have won multiple superbowls never seem to talk openly about winning another one before or during the season. They just look toward their next week’s opponent.

  2. The Chiefs will have a tough path back to the Super Bowl… with the Bills, Browns, Ravens, and Colts. While the Bucs path back to the Super Bowl appears much easier, especially if Rodgers isn’t playing for Green Bay and with Brees gone.

    More top tier teams in the AFC got better and are on the rise. While several top tier NFC teams will be worse.

  3. How cute. I remember when the Packers won in the 1996-97 season, he said he felt invincible like they were going to go back to the Superbowl every season he played. After a failed title defense to the Broncos, Packers never sniffed the Superbowl again with Favre. I’m sure Kurt Warner, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Russell Wilson all felt the same. And then the cold hard reality of roster churn and big QB contracts sets in, and you’re stuck perennially in the playoffs, but just out of reach of a championship. I hope you prove us wrong Pat, but the numbers aren’t on your side.

  4. Ya, a guy that’s been to two consecutive Super Bowls has no reason to mention winning the super bowl…. Oh wait, yes he does. The hate just shows how good he and KC are, deal with it.

  5. LOL at the haters …

    I’m not a Chiefs fan and I can understand being a Raiders/Broncos/Chargers fan and not liking the Chiefs….heck I can understand just not liking the Chiefs. But if you hate on Patrick Mahomes as a person, the issue is with you, not him. I’ve never seen that dude be anything but humble and professional…..and couple that with him being an elite QB in the league right now. Even if I was a fan of another AFC West team I’d acknowledge that he’s really really f’n good and a good person.

  6. I think the Chiefs are better then then last year. They completely revamped there offensive line. Not saying they’d get back to the Suoer Bowl but they are a better team going into next season which is scary because Mahomes is so good.

  7. Pretty good bet they will be IN the Super Bowl this year. The league is obviously transitioning from a Help Brady Win league to a promotion of Mahomes as the next Great One. Their division is getting better but won’t enough to stop them. The Bills won’t be able to hang with them and will lose in the AFC Championship. The Ravens and Steelers are mediocre and the Colts and Titans will disappoint their fans quite a bit this year.

  8. I can’t to see what Jordan Love and all of his weapons do to that defense in February!

  9. Might want to have you team play any defense. Like, any, at all. I’ll believe it when that happens.

  10. Wouldn’t it be news if a player said he didn’t want to win the super bowl. I don’t get why this is even a thing.

  11. Mahomes is a great QB, and if all other things remain constant another SB would be a great possibility. But every year teams adjust and try to reach a new level. Then, injuries and other unforeseen changes take a toll. I wish him well, though, as he is an exciting player to watch.

  12. He can be excited all he likes. The nfl will pick the winner by week 4

  13. Wait, so was their run last year to the lose the Superbowl?
    It’s so lame now on how so many of these players and fans just think they’re going to the Superbowl every year. lol

  14. I haven’t met a fan that doesn’t enjoy Mahomes or the juice he brings to the league. But he had success real early to where you heard the same naivety that oh I can’t wait to be in the SB every year. Marino had a similar moment, I’m sure many have. No surprise he’s ready to compete, I imagine all of us here hope that our teams feel the same. But Pat needs to have the dream removed from his eyes that his whole career will be one long coronation. Highly improbable but for all we know he’s appeared in the big game for the last time the future is not promised even to those with profound promise. Every year is a sporting lifetime for that team and as soon as he realizes these attempts at a ring are more valuable than anything else in a sporting sense the better. Russel Wilson was young not long ago, Watson now has a whole generation of promising QBs younger than him in the league. Rodgers is at the end not the middle of his prime. Pat will be “old” in a sporting sense in a blink of an eye by comparison to his peers. No time to jog, it’s the bell lap EVERY YEAR. Whatever you think of Brady the man understands this point better than anyone. It’s the next lesson Pat must learn.

  15. Everyone’s indignation is misplaced. If QB doesn’t express a desire to go (or return) to the Super Bowl, he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  16. Mahomes shouldn’t use “ run” and Super Bowl together. That’s all he did, running for his life in the last SB.

  17. Another premature dynasty ended by Brady. You’ll see, the Chiefs will not be the same next season, their peak flashy years are done, salary cap is about to catch up.

  18. RE LEE says:

    July 8, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Mahomes shouldn’t use “ run” and Super Bowl together. That’s all he did, running for his life in the last SB.
    So didnykunsee what the Chiefs did in the off season. Entirely new offensive line. possibly a top 5 offensive line and all young. You will see a top tier offensive line for the next 5 plus years.

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