Second edition of Josh Allen cereal is coming

Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
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They love Josh Allen in Buffalo. That became clear last year when his grandmother died, and fans flooded John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital with donations in the name of Patricia Allen.

There’s a new way to support the children’s hospital. The second edition of Josh Allen’s cereal contains a code that, when scanned, takes the user to a page with a $17 donation button. (You also can do it right here, if you want.)

It’s very surreal to have your own cereal,” Allen said in a release, via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News. “It’s something as a kid you always dream of when you grow up, seeing athletes on other cereal boxes and Olympic champions, USA gold medalists. It’s a very humbling experience, and to have my own cereal box with two different editions is just awesome.”

First, the second cereal. Soon, the second contract. Allen became an unquestioned superstar in 2020, and now is the time to strike the balance between getting him the compensation he deserves while also creating a structure that allows the team to keep talented players around him well into the future.

Allen seems to be willing to do that. Still, there’s plenty of room for negotiation — and one of these days a team, a player, and his agents will agree that the best and most appropriate way to thread the needle will be to base compensation on a fixed percentage of the salary cap.