Will another team trade for N’Keal Harry?

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The Patriots spent a first-round pick on receiver N'Keal Harry in 2019. Whether a failure or drafting or development or some of both, it’s looking like it’s over for Harry in New England.

His agent has asked for a trade, an obvious move if the Patriots are willing to do it and, frankly, a potential disaster if the Patriots have not yet decided that they don’t want him.

Regardless, the ball sits on the tee. Will another team kick it?

An unnamed source from a team with no currently obvious needs at the position predicts that the Patriots, if willing to trade Harry, could get a fifth-round pick for the first-round prospect — possibly with another pick flowing from New England to the new team as part of the usual balancing act reflected by so many other trades, like a 2023 seventh-rounder.

Before another team trades for Harry, that team needs to figure out whether Harry simply needs a change of scenery. He’s not producing, and he’s had injuries. The Patriots quite possibly have concluded that he just can’t perform well enough at the NFL level. If the exercise of due diligence uncovers any attitude issues, that could destroy his market.

There’s a financial component as well. Harry will earn $1.4 million in 2021 and $1.87 million in 2022. Of the remaining salaries, only $673,000 is guaranteed for skill, injury, and cap. The fact that the Patriots would avoid that obligation becomes a factor in trade talks. However, if he’s waived and unclaimed, chances are he’ll land with another team and make at least that much elsewhere.

19 responses to “Will another team trade for N’Keal Harry?

  1. If the Pats package up Harry, Stidham and Wynn they could probably fleece some team into a 2025 4th or a 5th

  2. Massive bust. The trend of BB whiffing at WR’s, mostly round 2, is getting ridiculous.

  3. Another team could trade for him but I don’t see the pats going much, maybe a 6th or 7th round pick. Whichever team does get him, I don’t see him on top of the depth chart

  4. As someone mentioned on another N’Keal Harry post, New England WR busts never really accomplish anything anywhere else, either.

    Brandon Tate was halfway decent, but obviously overdrafted.

  5. I don’t understand why another team would pay more than he is due with Pats, if he was cut and unclaimed. I would think in that case, he would be available for minimum if anyone would take him.
    However, I still think Pats should keep him. No guarantee yet other receivers they traded for will do any better (see Mohamed Sanu).

  6. They’re just waiting for the Texans to offer next year’s first round pick.

  7. With camps getting ready to open I don’t see any team making a move on this until they lose a player to an injury or by cutting a player. Even then most teams would wait for him to get waived and clear waivers in the case he doesn’t work out they can walk away cheap.

  8. Nobody wants a WR drafted by BB….everyone knows he can’t pick receivers.

  9. Conditional pick, or something like Neal and a 7, for a 6. Mike Garafolo earlier this off-season was acting like teams were banging on the door for him, and he’s the guy who got the word from his agent about a trade request. Clearly he was trying to dothe agent or team a favour by getting him traded. A late round flyer isn’t a bidding war. They will be lucky to get anything.

  10. Yes. Another team would trade their 7th round pick for Harry and a 4th.

  11. No team will trade for him…. He’s shown absolutely nothing to peak anyone’s curiosity…..
    Pats should just keep working with him or cut him after camp

  12. I want to see Harry go to another team just so that we can all see if it was NE or him.

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