Cam Newton says 2016 shoulder injury affected him for years

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton says an injury to his throwing shoulder that he suffered in 2016 took years to heal and changed the way he played.

Newton posted a video on YouTube today that he filmed in September of 2020 in which he says he was just beginning to feel like his old self again for the first time in years.

“Last time I’ve been healthy?” Newton said. “Honest, 2016.”

Newton injured his throwing shoulder in December of 2016 trying to make a tackle after he threw an interception.

“I threw an interception,” Newton said. “I tried to go make the tackle, and I tried to push him out, and I extended my arm, and I messed up my AC joint. And ever since then, there’s just been a part of me that’s just been a wounded dog. Like a wounded lion almost. Just, ‘I’m not right.’ I feel good at times, but when I’m running I still feel it. So instead of running them over, I’m going to turn this shoulder and just go down.”

It’s unclear why Newton posted the video to YouTube today when he made the comments 10 months ago, but he titled his YouTube video, “What REALLY Happened To My Shoulder,” which suggests he thinks people don’t realize the full story of his shoulder injury. He did indicate, however, that the shoulder fully healed in time for the 2020 season. And that he’s posting the video today suggests he thinks he’s good to go for 2021.

12 responses to “Cam Newton says 2016 shoulder injury affected him for years

  1. So according to Newton his shoulder cause his poor play from 2016 up until last season and then it was catching covid was the reason for poor play. Seems like touchback6 kinda player even though he swore up and down last year Belichick “would never bring Cam back for a 2nd yr because Cam was a McDaniels experiment”.

  2. I’m pulling for Cam.
    Last year was disappointing and proved me wrong about how well he would do as a Pat, but call me the eternal optimist. . . I think he’ll have a good year.

  3. I am just not buying BB here. He is using Newton to drive competition as show the young qbs how being a professional works. I like the idea last year in a sense, but it’s clear they scrapped last year in terms of turning to a future solution.

    BB has never rewarded poor play in his entiire career.

    There’s no way he outperforms Stidham or Newton in preseason.

    BB wants to see the other two rise up and compete fiercely for the job, which is likely to happen between Stidham and Jones. It’s a meritocracy in NE and Newton’s poor mechanics and VERY slow processing rate with poor accuracy and decision making, is literally the opposite of what that offense needs.

    Even if you look at the personnel they brought in on offense, none of it screams “blocking TE” and big, jump ball WRs which is what Newton had to have in Carolina.

  4. I believe CM will be much better than he was last year. Jones is not an NFL ready QB. Stidham hasn’t proven himself. So it’s CM [barring injury.]

  5. As a Panthers fan, I actually remember that play. That is the one that Kelvin Benjamin gave up on and complained to the ref about PI instead of continuing after the INT. Cam did stop the TD. Not buying that it is all the problem.

  6. What this shows is how tough Cam Newton really is. What critics of Newton missed is that with a bad shoulder in 2017, he led the Panthers to the playoffs. Newton actually was having a season in 2018 that was comparable to his 2015 MVP one. Then he suffered another hit to his shoulder.

    Newton even had glimpses of great play last season. When Newton threw the football 30+ times in a game, he had a 105 QB rating, 320 Y/G, a 70% completion percentage, 8.6 Y/A, 10 total TDs and only 1 int. With new weapons on offense, players opting back in and a year in the system, Newton’s numbers should improve. So should the Patriots record.

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