Ryan Fitzpatrick: I try to ooze confidence and hope it trickles down to young guys

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Through sometimes ill-advised throws and postgame fashion choices, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown that he’s not short of confidence in himself over the years.

His confidence is one of the reasons that the Washington Football Team signed him this offseason and it is something that Fitzpatrick believes can serve as a lesson to his younger teammates. During an appearance on Brother from Another this week, Fitzpatrick said that “understanding the importance of confidence and belief in yourself” is important as players transition to the highest level of football after dominating earlier in their careers.

“For me, as my career has gone on, and just with the experience factor and trying to help guys gain confidence. My career has been a roller coaster, but I have never lost my confidence,” Fitzpatrick said, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “That’s why I’m still playing 17 years later, and that’s one of the lessons that I try to ooze confidence and hope it trickles down to those guys.”

Fitzpatrick said he likes the “youthful energy” in Washington and it seems the May-December relationship can have benefits on both ends if all goes according to plan this year.

19 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: I try to ooze confidence and hope it trickles down to young guys

  1. Fitzys been a fearless competitor and terrific mentor everywhere he’s gone, and you get the sense his teammates really appreciate his experience and guidance. Easy guy to root for and a breath of fresh air for the WFT.

  2. Best signing by Washington in years. Oh Danny Boy’s really getting it done. Oh wait, I think Danny Boy is in some kind of trouble?

  3. I love this guy. He’s real. He was in Cincy for a minute backing up Palmer. Palmer got hurt, he got his chance. And he was amazing. Tough guy with tons of confidence. Goes a long way in the NFL. Love he’s still doing it. He will have an awesome year!

  4. If there was a place in the HOF for backup QBs Fitz would be a first-ballot addition.

  5. Connor McGregor’s brother? seriously though it’s hard not to like this guy, He strikes me as a guy that would really play the game for fun..

    good luck in Washington and that from a Cowboy fan since 70

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if the year that Washington gets it together and turns the corner is the year that Snyder is removed from being actively involved in running the team?

  7. Everyone likes Fitzpatrick, and I like him too, but it seems like every now and then people forget he’s not really that good. He’s streaky though, but I don’t think he can start a whole season and lead a team to the playoffs, with the possible exception of last year’s NFC East, which, to be fair, hasn’t changed much.

  8. The NFL needs more Ryan Fitzpatricks and less Frank Clarks and Aaron Rogerses.

  9. The problem is not when you get the Dr Jekyl Fitz who plays well, its the Mr Hyde one that throws 4 INTS in the game that shows up about half the time they should worry about

  10. I hope when FitzMagic hangs ’em up, he will visit us in the UK and do some punditry. Always enjoy listening to him and love the way he plays – It’s all or nothing with him! One of my favourite QB’s.

  11. Fitz is an awesome guy and teammate but I don’t think throwing all those picks oozes confidence.

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