Von Miller: If Aaron Rodgers is available, Broncos have right front office to get deal done

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos
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Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater are competing for Denver’s starting quarterback job, but the possibility of the team adding Aaron Rodgers remains a dream of Broncos fans. Even Lock and Bridgewater would have to admit the reigning NFL MVP would rank as an upgrade at the position.

Von Miller was asked what he’s heard about the prospect.

What have I heard?” the star pass rusher told Mike Klis of 9News on Sunday. “First and foremost, I’m comfortable with Drew. I’m comfortable with Teddy. G.P. (General Manager George Paton) and (president of football operations) John Elway. If A-Rod is out there for us to get him, those are the two guys to have on the job.

“John Elway, he’s done a great job of working the big-time guys before — Peyton (Manning) and DeMarcus (Ware) and Aqib (Talib) — all these other guys. So if there’s a guy to be had, G.P. and John Elway are the two to put on it, if it can be done. If it can’t, I’m comfortable with Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. They’ve impressed the hell out of me and impressed the hell out of everybody during OTAs.

“So I’m super excited for those guys. Another year for Drew Lock, I think this will be the time for him to turn it on. So either way we go, it’s looking bright for us.”

Lock, 24, completed only 57.3 percent of his passes last season and threw 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. His 75.4 passer rating ranked 32nd among 35 qualifying quarterbacks.

Bridgewater, 28, has started 31 more games than Lock. He completed 69.1 percent of his passes for 3,733 yards with 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 15 games for the Panthers last season. Carolina replaced Bridgewater with Sam Darnold this offseason.

Rodgers said Saturday he would “figure things out in a couple weeks” when asked about his future.

23 responses to “Von Miller: If Aaron Rodgers is available, Broncos have right front office to get deal done

  1. Translation: As long as he doesn’t have to play in the same conference as Brady, he’ll be okay.

  2. You mean the front office who managed to be the only team in the NFL to not have any sort of answer at QB? That front office?

    The only reason this team keeps being mentioned for Rodgers and Watson is because in the off-season of “the great QB migration” they’re the only ones left without a chair when the music stopped.

  3. A deal has to be pending. I can’t figure out why GB is losing their leverage, day after day. Camp starts in 2 weeks.

  4. The Packer front office knows it has the support of the fans, in keeping Rodgers right where he is. One player is never more than the team. Never. They are not trading him, not this year anyway.

  5. Von being pragmatic. He thinks Drew and Teddy both can be effective for the Broncos but if you have a chance to get a future HOF at quarterback….you do it.

  6. Should we hedge are bets anyone? Nothing like a 3-way vote of confidence from your star player

  7. Would love to see Rogers vs Mahomes 2x a year but also Herbert is pretty good too. Looking forward to when the AFCW is actually the toughest division again. Rogers would definitely help make that possible.

  8. Maybe the players should adopt the same approach they do with money. Don’t talk about another teams players. Miller and the Broncos should be fined.

  9. Best case scenario for everyone tired of Rodgers’ drama is he goes back to Green Bay and had his worst season ever.

  10. What if the Packers (after getting exasperated from all this passive aggression by Aaron) made Rodgers available and no one was willing to trade anything of value for the prima donna diva?

    Rodgers value is plummeting the more this drags on.

  11. “First and foremost, I’m comfortable with Drew. I’m comfortable with Teddy. ” Von Miller, don’t lie bro.

  12. Pack make the trade happen!! Broncos you can have the diva and his massive ego/contract and the Packers will take 3 1st round draft picks!!

  13. In today’s pass happy NFL a QB who averages 1 TD a game is not going to get you to the promised land.

  14. There should be zero trust in Elway, he has hindered this team’s hunt for a QB for years and years now. Just terrible decisions made time and time again. I think Rogers stays put for another year because he doesn’t have much choice.

  15. I wonder what he is worth in a trade. Two first round picks and one of the Broncos QB’s? More ? Less ? By now you know Green Bay is evaluating this. I wonder what they need to hear to say Sayonara to Rogers? As A Vikings fan I would love to see go but I am expecting him to play this year for the Pack and start this same fiasco next season.

  16. Elway has no long term vision for the team, Denver will never be able to develop a QB in house as long as he is associated with the team!

  17. Why in the world would AR want to go to Denver. He ain’t going to fix their losing ways, its going to take more than aging Superstar QB to fix that team. This ain’t the same Bronco team that used Peyton Manning to win a Superbowl.

  18. See Denver getting Watson for much less and no team ownership leaves the deal totally up to Elway, Watson as long as he is not in jail has a much longer future then a year or two or three, and at most he will get a 4 to 6 game suspension if he quickly settles everything (the NFL simply doesn’t care). Since Green Bay hasn’t traded Rogers it is telling that Love hasn’t showed the ability to be a NFL starter this year, if you trade up in the 1st round to get a QB that QB should be your future from the second year on to exploit his cheap contract to load up the team, if not it is wasted picks that could have helped the current contending team.

  19. Man I hope I am not the only one that wants to PASS on A-Rod…I still have a feeling that Drew is going to show up & show out this season! If he doesn’t, I’ll jump on the “get rid of Drew” wagon. Rodgers is just too old. I doubt he completes 3 more seasons.

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