Lions won’t require masks, proof of vaccination at 2021 home games

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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Back in late May, the Lions were among 30 of 32 teams that the NFL said had been given approval to have full-capacity crowds for home games in 2021.

While that’s been known for over a month, Detroit released details of how it would work on Monday. The Lions announced that they will not require masks or proof of a COVID-19 vaccination to attend games. The club will encourage unvaccinated fans to wear a mask at Ford Field.

“We have long awaited the moment where we can officially declare we will have 65,000 fans at Ford Field this fall,” Lions president and CEO Rod Wood said in a statement. “We’ve worked diligently with the NFL, as well looked to federal, state and local guidelines to monitor what’s best for our team, staff and fans. We’re thrilled to be at this point and to welcome One Pride back into the stadium. I can’t say it enough, it hasn’t been the same without them.”

The Lions did not have fans at games in 2020, but did welcome hundreds of friends and family members at several matchups.

Detroit will also host fans at the team’s training camp this summer, with nine practices open for all fans and another two for season ticket members.

7 responses to “Lions won’t require masks, proof of vaccination at 2021 home games

  1. Somehow of all teams the Lions are absolutely crushing the off season in every way.

  2. So? MLB is doing this in pretty much every stadium right now. This is a non-story.

  3. What I haven’t seen mentioned yet is how ridiculously easy it would be to fake vaccination documents if you wanted to for any reason. At least in my state it’s just a little cardboard card that a 10-year-old could replicate in about 5 minutes. There’s no bar code or anything to scan to quickly verify against any database–it’s just some random lot numbers listed that somebody would have to manually look up (and then hope that somebody had actually compiled the data correctly). Like anybody has time to manually verify every single fan at a stadium.

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