Bears set goal of 20 rushes a game for David Montgomery

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Bears running back David Montgomery ran the ball at least 22 times in each of the Bears’ final three games of the 2020 regular season and head coach Matt Nagy would like to see Montgomery in that neighborhood on a weekly basis in the 2021 season.

Nagy isn’t just going to hand the ball to Montgomery over and over to ensure that happens, however. During an appearance on the Under Center podcast, Nagy noted that many backs get over 20 carries closing out leads late in games and that the Bears “want to have the lead so that we can give him the ball. . . . Because you know from just seeing him run the football, that guy in four-minute mode it takes more than one guy to bring him down. He’s one of my favorite players on the team.”

“Depending on what the game is, what’s happened the last couple years and why some of David’s carries — which aren’t low — haven’t been quite as high is a lot of guys get it in to four-minute mode in the fourth quarter,” Nagy said, via Gene Chamberlain of “That’s where they can get those extra for or five carries, which can bump them into the top five, you know, with 20 rushes a game. That’s our goal.”

Montgomery was fourth in the NFL in carries while missing a game last season, so the Bears haven’t been shy about giving him the ball. To get him the ball in the kind of situations that Nagy wants, they’ll need to get more out of the other spots on the offense.

12 responses to “Bears set goal of 20 rushes a game for David Montgomery

  1. Every Bears fan knows this is not going to happen. 20 times one week, and 4 the next. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. 20 carries when closing out leads, is the key. The Nagy Bears rarely scored any touchdowns in first half of many of their games. Nagy want to pass, pass, & pass then punt.

  3. It usually comes with being ahead in the fourth quarter. The Bears need get ahead a little more often when it counts.

  4. Montgomery is definitely solid, but Nagy’s need to be the smartest guy in the room (A-Rod Syndrome) will lead him to shy away from the run (except those goal line jetsweeps) for long stretches at a time.

  5. That’s all gonna depend on the O-Line, who couldn’t open holes though a wall of Jello the last few years.

  6. You have to have a lead usually to run the ball that many times. And the run needs to be successful. When you only score 17 points a game, that usually means you aren’t running the ball, in most cases.

  7. This is why he’s failed as a coach. He thinks that getting to 20 carries a game means you must have the lead. Wrong. Committing to the run means committing to it even if you’re up 14-0 in the first quarter or down 17-3 in the second quarter. He’s essentially saying he wants 15 carries a game for him and if they have the lead then he’ll get 20. That means they will still be throwing the ball 40 times a game in comparison to the 20 run plays. You cant play winning football with Andy Dalton throwing 40 times a game. Enjoy your pink slip at the end of the year, Matt. Clearly you haven’t learned anything from all of your losses.

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