Ben Roethlisberger reportedly has focused on losing weight, watching diet

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As Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger approaches what likely will be the last year of his career, he’s using a different approach.

Roethlisberger is focusing more than ever on his health and fitness.

“Ben camp says biggest concern is weight loss,” Ryan Burr reported on Twitter. “He has been so driven since [the] season ended. Source says his diet is stricter than [Tom] Brady.” (Maybe it’s as strict. It’s harder to imagine it being even stricter than the TB12 method.)

Roethlisberger’s camp also says he’s in the “best shape of his life” (99 percent of the players in the league will say that in mid-July), and that Roethlisberger “hears everything.”

If he truly hears everything, he hasn’t done much about it in past years. Roethlisberger admitted a couple of years ago to Simms that the quarterback doesn’t throw many footballs in the offseason. Less than two months later, Roethlisberger’s season ended with an elbow injury.

Last year, reports routinely surfaced regarding a problem with his knees, even though he never appeared on the injury report with a knee problem. He has carried plenty of weight for plenty of snaps over plenty of games during plenty of seasons. Losing weight will put his joints under less stress in 2022.

Still, there’s a chance that, at the age of 39, his body will begin (or continue) breaking down. He’s apparently determined to try to turn back the clock.

“Ben will never mention the beating he has taken in the media but says from a dedication standpoint has never seen anything from Ben close to this in [the] past,” Burr tweeted. “Source says [he’s] obsessed with diet & workouts.”

It could be too late for Ben to flip a new offseason leaf.  With so much turnover on the offensive line, he’ll need to be more nimble than he’s been. At some point, he’ll get hit. Given all the hits he’s taken since 2004, there’s always a chance that the next hit will be the last one of his career.

25 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger reportedly has focused on losing weight, watching diet

  1. “best shape of his life”…

    Best thing about being fat and out of shape, only one way to go.

  2. “Roethlisberger admitted a couple of years ago to Simms that the quarterback doesn’t throw many footballs in the offseason.”
    Is that really that much different than most older qbs? It seems to be of the thought process of not overworking the arm(I’m not saying it does or doesn’t help just that thats their thought process). No different than some older veterans usually having a day off of practice during the season as well.

  3. Good for him. I’m a personal trainer and I can’t tell you how many people wait way too long to take their weight seriously. Drink lots of water (up to a gallon every day), eat clean foods like chicken, eggs, turkey, beef etc while avoiding sugars and fats. The biggest and hardest hurdle is not drinking your calories = booze. Not saying don’t drink but you gotta watch that like everything else.,
    Having a great week in the gym and following a clean diet can be erased quickly with a weekend of heavy drinking. I imagine that was one of Ben’s biggest obstacles in his quest for longevity. Good luck to him.

  4. “Ben will never mention the beating he’s taken in the media” ?????? That’s hysterical, as a fellow AFC North fan, that’s all Ben ever mentions. He’s the epitome of a “diva” who exaggerates every real and perceived knick, cut and hang nail he gets. 🤣

  5. “Ben will never mention the beating he has taken in the media” I’m sorry but this is literally his calling card. How anyone can say that with a straight face based on his prior behavior is laughable.

  6. The Steeler Media Guide has always listed Big Ben’s weight at the exact same 240 he was drafted at in 2004 right up to and including 2020. There had to have been some years in there where he was 300.

  7. Even if it doesn’t prevent injury this season, eating healthy and losing weight is good for the rest of his life after football, especially with bad knees.

  8. “…With so much turnover on the offensive line, he’ll need to be more nimble than he’s been…” Ben? That’s laughable. He’s a schlub with a weak arm. Believe it when I see it.

  9. Watching this clown’s demise is great. He’s admittedly never worked out in the offseason for the majority of his career, being gifted with a super-arm that could have lasted another 5 years if he were to just get up off of his fat behind and hit the gym a couple of times a week from February to July…

    The steelers are going to be terrible this season. Bring out the towels!

  10. Ben is on a strict diet: nothing but cheeseburgers, fries and vanilla shakes

    Well at least his diet doesn’t include any racism…..right? So much of what was mentioned above about Ben is the result of his willingness to be honest when questioned by the media. He doesn’t lie like Brady….or cheat like him…..right?.

  11. Why now? It would have been more impactful if he decided to do this before he was cooked.

  12. bk5931 says:
    July 13, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    You would still take him over Cousins Florio and you know it. Keep talking trash.


    Cousins? Wow. What kind of ringing endorsement is that?

  13. Kinda like quitting smoking after the spot on your lung shows up on the x-ray. Still a good idea to quit but maybe too late.

  14. Maturity comes late for Ben.
    His career would have been much different if understood this years ago, because at 39, it’s simply too late to have an effect on his football career.
    Hopefully he carries this attitude once he retires.

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