Jalen Ramsey wouldn’t mind following in Charles Woodson’s footsteps

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Jalen Ramsey is one of the top cornerbacks in the league and he won’t turn 27 until October, so there’s no reason to think that will stop being the case in the near future.

Ramsey is taking a long view on where his career will go, however. During an appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the Rams cornerback brought up the way Charles Woodson morphed from playing only cornerback to playing multiple roles in the secondary to closing out his career at safety.

That versatility led Ramsey to call Woodson “the best defensive back to play the game” and he said he could see himself following the same path over the course of his career.

“He played corner, he played safety, he played nickel. He did a bunch of different stuff and he affected the game in so many different ways,” Ramsey said, via Cameron DaSilve of USAToday.com. “Me coming to L.A., that’s kind of the role that I started to be in. I’m still on the edges, on the corner the majority of the time, but here and there, they’re starting to let me be me a little bit more. Mix it in, playing a little bit of nickel. And then at some point in my career, if it takes me there to safety, I would want to do that as well. I want to have a mix of all.”

Woodson was in his mid-30s when he made a lasting move to safety, so that kind of move shouldn’t be a consideration for Ramsey as long as he continues to play well. If it does go on the table, it sounds like it will be met with approval if it means a longer run at the top level of NFL players.

6 responses to “Jalen Ramsey wouldn’t mind following in Charles Woodson’s footsteps

  1. Million Dollaz Worth of Game, that’s the best someone could come up with for the name of a podcast?

  2. He would be better off leaving Woodson’s name out of it – he could just say “I’m willing to switch to safety later in my career if that’s what’s best for the team”. But by bringing Woodson into it he’s implying that he’s in Woodson’s class, which is not impossible but he hasn’t come close to proving yet. Simma down now Jalen, we can have this conversation again at the end of your career.

  3. minime says:
    Ronnie Lott did it first and better.

    RL42 played when it was real football. RL42 was a pure hitter at that safety spot.

  4. Ronnie Lott is the only player in NFL history to be a probowler as CB, FS and SS.

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