Marcus Maye not expected to sign long-term deal with Jets

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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Jets head coach Robert Saleh said in May that the team would “relentlessly” work to sign safety Marcus Maye to a long-term contract before the July 15 deadline to make a deal with franchise-tagged players, but those efforts appear to be flagging with the deadline a couple of days away.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that no deal is expected between Maye and the Jets at this point. Per the report, the Jets did not respond to the last proposal from Maye’s camp and that it is now off the table as a result.

Nothing precludes Maye from putting a deal back on the table if the Jets show late interest in what his side put forth, so the situation could change between now and Thursday. According to Rapoport, the Jets had offered a deal with an average per year below this year’s tag amount.

Maye is in line to make $10.612 million under the tag this season. He has signed his tag and reported to the team’s mandatory minicamp last month.

15 responses to “Marcus Maye not expected to sign long-term deal with Jets

  1. The Jets are still a dumpster fire. He’a their best player on D and far better in coverage than Jamal Adams.

    Can anyone even name a good player on the Jets D?

  2. Hard to take a side when you don’t have all the facts in terms of what each side is proposing. Wouldn’t be surprised if something gets done before the deadline as this could all part of the negotiating dance.

  3. Smart not to settle on a future with arguably one of the worst franchises in all sports. Better to see if the Jets remain the Jets or does Salah actually make a difference before signing a long-term contract.

  4. Good safety who wants to be paid like a great safety. It’s the Jamal Adams effect.

  5. I hear they are offering $8.5 million ..and he wants $12+..they can keep him at $10.6 and franchise at $13 why would they give him a long term contract now?

  6. Always a big gamble to play on tag, especially for smaller sized players. Play good, you earn extra 10 of millions, get injured or play like crap, lose 10 of millions

  7. When they “tagged” him, the Jets were telling him he was worth more than $10M & kept him from the free agency market. Coming back with an offer $2M under the tag amount is not going to work without the carrot of long term guarantees that pays well more than the one year tag.

  8. I have faith in Joe Douglas he is not going to overpay(he missed on George Fant)..the Jets are not going to win the super bowl this year it’s better to keep your cap flexibility going forward ..this year cannot be uglier than last year ..I hope

  9. Another case where the Johnsons don’t want to pay thier own players. Sell the team Woody. You are incompetent as an owner.

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