Brandon Scherff unlikely to sign long-term contract with Washington Football Team

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Washington guard Brandon Scherff is poised to play his second consecutive season on the franchise tag, and then test unrestricted free agency next year.

Scherff and the team are unlikely to reach a long-term deal before Thursday’s deadline for franchise players, according to multiple reports.

That means Scherff will play on the one-year, $18.036 million franchise tag this season. He also played on the franchise tag last season, which was $15.030 million. The year before that, he made $12.525 million on the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Add it up, and Scherff will total $45.591 million for 2019 through 2021. That’s great money for a guard, but he’ll be looking for even more than that in March, when he finally hits unrestricted free agency.

13 responses to “Brandon Scherff unlikely to sign long-term contract with Washington Football Team

  1. His open market value is certainly less than 18 mil per year. He’s no Quinton Nelson. He’s a good, solid guard with a history of injuries. Nobody is going to pay him more than he makes in 2021.

  2. Geeze Washington sure likes overpaying using the tag. First the Kirk Cousins fiasco now this.

    Use it once to work a long term deal or retain a crucial player for a SB run, bad work to use it 2 years in a row on the same player. Especially since it inflates what he expects to get on a long term contract from that team

  3. Football Team should cut him. Scherff is injury prone and the money would be better spent in other areas.

  4. Washington is stupid but we already knew that. And to think they won the division last year.

  5. Needed him for one more year while we plan for his replacement. He will leave next year so we can pay our Defensive Lineman.

  6. hope you can have an All-Pro season on the franchise tag. Run block well and give Fitz some time to make magic

  7. Scherff is a solid player and I am sure they would have gotten the deal done if it wasn’t for the consistent injuries.

  8. Typical cap mismanagement by Washington. They certainly knew two years ago that they had better start thinking about a replacement for Scherff. Once you are facing a franchise tag situation FOR A GUARD! it’s time to move on. Two tags in a row is absurd. There have been numerous free agent guards available–though not as good a Scherff–who are above average and cost less than half as much. Scherff has started to have injury problems as well which makes signing him to a long term deal risky. Washington has done a lot of things right since Rivera came in, but the Scherff situation isn’t one of them.

  9. 45 mill guaranteed for 3 years as a GUARD who has missed 16 games over the last 3 years. Scherff should be thanking God while he laughs all the way to the bank.

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