Isaac Bruce: Torry Holt and I are the best duo ever, we won a Super Bowl unlike Moss and Carter

Torry Holt (#88 Of The St Louis Rams Celebrates
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As former Rams receiver Isaac Bruce prepares for his enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame next month, he’s making a bold statement about his place in NFL history: Bruce said that he and Torry Holt are the best wide receiver duo in NFL history.

“It may seem like a whole lot of arrogance to other people, but numbers don’t lie,” Bruce told Bryan DeArdo of CBS. “Everything we put on the football field, the film, it is what it is. You can always go back and turn it on.”

Asked about the Vikings’ duo of Randy Moss and Cris Carter, Bruce answered, “We won a Super Bowl.”

If Super Bowl rings are the determining factor, Bruce and Holt would have to take a backseat to Lynn Swann and John Stallworth, two Hall of Fame receivers who won four Super Bowls together on the Steelers, as well as Jerry Rice and John Taylor, who won three Super Bowls together on the 49ers.

Other great receiver duos in NFL history include Rice and Terrell Owens on the 49ers, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne on the Colts, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton on the Dolphins, Tom Fears and Elroy Hirsch on the Rams and Fred Biletnikoff and Cliff Branch on the Raiders.

It’s ultimately a subjective opinion and unsurprising that Bruce puts himself and Holt at the top of the list. Even if most football fans would disagree.

69 responses to “Isaac Bruce: Torry Holt and I are the best duo ever, we won a Super Bowl unlike Moss and Carter

  1. So tired of the narrative that winning a Super Bowl makes individual players better. It’s a TEAM game people.

  2. Bruce + Holt is absolutely one of the best WR duos in modern history. Now let’s watch everybody lose their minds over a WR behaving like a WR….

  3. The old Super Bowl argument. With that logic, Brad Johnson is a greater QB than Dan Marino. (said no one ever)

  4. phillyfinsfan says:
    July 14, 2021 at 5:04 am
    “Living in the past is for losers”……Mike Ditka

    This is a pretty ironic quote as all Mike Ditka does is live in the past.

  5. Maybe not the greatest in history because their time wasn’t long enough but Larry Fitzgerald and Anquon Boldin were awesome as well.

  6. Its subjective. They were an excellent pair of receivers. They played together for 9 years which is a big plus. For example, Carter/Moss only played 4 years together.

    Wayne and Harrison were really good too, and played a long time together.

    Stallworth had 6 seasons where he caught less than 30 passes because of injury, but its hard to argue that when he was healthy, SWann and he were fantastic.

  7. I would take Moss and Cartet or Rice and Owens or Harrison and Wayne first. Football more than any sport is a team game where you must depend on teammates. Sometimes an entire game comes down to one teammate kicking the ball through a goalpost. At that time having the best receiving duo or the best running back or even the best QB doesn’t matter. All that matters on a field goal is the blockers hold their block, the ball is hiked correctly, the holder gets the ball down and in the right position and the kicker kicks it far enough and accurate enough. So using superbowl rings to argue you have the best receiving duo holds little sway to me. Because of their outsized influence on a game QB is the only position I think Superbowl rings play a factor into how their legacy is viewed. And even then I’m not going to insult an all time great QB like Dan Marino and say he wasn’t better than Joe Flacco because Flacco has a Super bowl win and Marino doesn’t.

  8. Ok, he likes to go with statistics but wins and losses are not a wide receiver stats.

  9. Great duo no doubt, glad to see Bruce get his do he deserves it. Why can’t you settle for just being a great duo though?

  10. They’re not even the best duo to have played with Kurt Warner (Fitzgerald + Boldin) let alone of all time.

  11. People also want to elevate a player’s career by Brad Johnson better than Dan Marino…Sony Michel better than Sayres,Tomlinson,Sanders,Dickerson…John Elway didn’t win his Super Bowls until his skills were diminished but his team had improved..And I’m prejudiced but how about Maynard and Sauer ..great stats and they won a super bowl

  12. I would take Harrison and Wayne over them but just my opinion everyone has one

  13. Whatever gets you through the day Isaac. If you asked pretty much anyone who they would rather have as a pair of wideouts I am quite sure that the vote would be at least 80% Moss and Carter. Two hall of famers.

  14. Given the circumstances of the interview, I don’t think this was that arrogant. Sounds more like Bruce making the case for Torry Holt’s enshrinement.
    And he should be.
    There are worse wide receivers in the Hall, one was even mentioned in this article.

  15. I guess by that logic, Ward and Randel-El are a better duo than Moss and Carter as well. People put too much emphasis on winning a championship, a team award.

  16. He’s not wrong about them being the best duo.
    Moss and Rice are better than either Bruce or Holt, but the latter are also much better than either Carter or Taylor.

  17. Swann and Stallworth pretty much epitomize why Super Bowls are exclusively a *TEAM* accomplishment, not an individual one, and shouldn’t be factored highly when attempting to rank players.

  18. Rice and Taylor, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown, Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens

    Jerry Rice was part of 3 combos better than Holt and Bruce.

    Guy mentioned Harrison and Wayne .. also better than Holt and Bruce.

  19. Edelman/Amendola – maybe not as many yards, but a lot more rings 😉




  20. Swann and Stallworth.

    Swann got to the HOF BASED on the SB’s. Stallworth got to the HOF on career achievements. Throw in a great D and they even got Bradshaw into the HOF. I guess they got that in common: They got Warner into the HOF.

  21. Don Hutson and anyone who lined up across from him. His numbers were similar to Babe Ruth in baseball when he retired. Light years ahead. Maynard/Sauer is a great one. Can’t compare eras. Joyner/Jefferson, Joyner/Chandler, etc.
    This argument can never be answered but, hey, he got his name in the papers. PR.

  22. id take moss just because he’s that much better than anyone else….dude beat triple coverage on almost every route

  23. Moss and Rice are better than either Bruce or Holt, but the latter are also much better than either Carter or Taylor.


    Both Bruce and Holt are MUCH better than Carter?

  24. Almost reminds me of the absurdity of when people compare Emmet Smith to Barry Sanders because Smith got rings on the cowboys teams that were one of the most stacked teams of all time , and he hung on for years longer than he shouldnjabe just to grind out stats.

  25. Interesting how the receivers who sing their own praises and attempt to publicly establish their legacy (which is pretty much all of them) never mention the impact of the guy throwing them the ball, the guy designing the plays, the surface they played on or the elements the had (or didn’t have) to contend with.

  26. I didn’t know two guys could win a Super Bowl. It always seemed like it took a lot more. Players, reserves, coaches etc. I have to look for the film where Holt and Bruce won it. He wouldn’t be taking credit for himself that Rightfully should go to a whole organization would he?

  27. Bruce and Holt had a longer stretch of dominance together than any other duo, and they combined for nearly 20k yards while playing together. Moss and Carter had three dominant years together (five total). “Anyone and Rice” isn’t a duo. Taylor was a good #2 and T.O. didn’t start playing great until after Rice left. Swann and Stallworth? They may have had great numbers in the super bowls but neither is in the top 75 in receiving yards. For perspective, Tiki Barber has as many career receiving yards as Lynn Swann, and Barber has 10k rushing yards more than Swann.

  28. The FIRST great duo was Mac Speedie and Dante Lavelli, who WON five out of eight consecutive championships together with the Cleveland Browns …

  29. The main difference between Bruce & Holt vs Carter & Moss? Marshall Faulk. Over his 7 years on the Rams Faulk had just 31 less receptions than Isaac Bruce while playing 6 less games and having a reduced role in his last two seasons. They had the same number of receptions over Faulk’s first 5 years on the Rams, and Faulk actually outpaced Bruce through his first 4 years with the team.

  30. Crowing about how good you used to be only serves to have everybody take a closer look at you – and before opening your mouth, you better make damn sure your claims have some validity, or you end up looking like a self-centered boob. It’s like the old t-shirt that said “The Older I Get, the Better I Was.”

  31. logicalvoicesays says:
    July 14, 2021 at 5:01 am
    If you have to tell people you are the best, you aren’t.

    Ric Flair would beg to differ…

  32. Let’s not forget Swan and Stallworth. I seem to remember them winning more 4x as many Super Bowls as Bruce and Holt.

  33. bkinacti0n, you can not compare the stats of receivers in a heavy running era to stats of receivers in a pass heavy era. You need to compare era to era then figure out a proper comparison.

  34. Holt/Bruce, Moss/Carter, Rice/Owens, Harrison/Wayne…..all amazing. But the homer in me takes Fitzgerald/Boldin 🙂

  35. I didn’t know two guys could win a Super Bowl. It always seemed like it took a lot more. ____ According to lots of people on this site, it only takes one guy to win the Super Bowl 6 times in 20 years…..

  36. Take the QB out of the equation, and Moss and Carter were better than anyone. Having a HOF QB is a huge advantage. Look at the year Moss had when he finally teamed up with a HOF QB, Tom Brady. He shattered all the records, and he was well past his prime at the time. Just think of the numbers if he would have had a QB like that for most of his career. Moss was so much better than everyone else, and it’s not even close. Anyone with Moss would be the best duo, and Chris Carter isn’t just anyone.

  37. I remind everyone who started the term “the greatest” was Muhammad Ali. If you don’t believe you’re the greatest you’ll never be what he and Bruce and Holt were (I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a better WR straight out of college as Holt!).

    So, I don’t deny any WR who’s accomplished with Bruce did say that. They’re all right!

  38. You had Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. They had Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, Daunte Cullpepper and Robert Smith, Michael Bennet, Moe Williams & Onterrio Smith.

    Some decent players in there, but no HOF QB or HOF RB.

  39. Paul Warfield, Gary Collins. The only duo even close to this duo was Rice, Taylor.
    Individually though, Jerry is the GOAT.

  40. If it’s a Superbowl he’s adding to his shine, then he would have to subtract for both of them in SB36, where they disappeared. Ricky Proehl almost got the job done, though. Does that mean he’s better than they are?

  41. Holt and Bruce combined for more yards as teammates that Harrison/Wayne, Rice/Taylor, Rice/Owens, Carter/Moss. Look it up.

  42. Technically he’s right & I saw them play. But the other guys’ legends are bigger.

  43. So I’m kinda confused, the duos you claim to be better than are already in the H.O.F. And you’re just getting into it. Seems like the people have already spoken.

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