Jim Kelly expects Josh Allen eventually to surpass everything he did with Bills

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Jim Kelly became the gold standard at quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He played 11 seasons, earning five Pro Bowl trips, an All-Pro nod and a bust in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kelly, 61, retired after the 1996 season.

The Bills went through 16 starting quarterbacks before drafting Josh Allen with the seventh overall choice in 2018. After 28 regular-season victories, two postseason wins, a trip to the AFC Championship Game and a Pro Bowl berth for Allen, the Bills are convinced they finally have their next franchise quarterback.

Kelly is convinced Allen is his successor.

There’s no doubt,” Kelly said, via Dante Lasting of the team website. “I mean if he’s gone, I don’t know who is or who it’s going to be. He just has to be consistent, and I know him well enough to know that the kid can play. If you can get the right material around him, which I think he has, and the offensive line gives him time to throw, things will be awesome. And talk about my records, I knew before last season started that those records aren’t going to stay around very long.”

Kelly got the Bills to the Super Bowl four consecutive seasons from 1990-93 but never brought Buffalo a Lombardi Trophy. Allen, only 25 and expected to sign a long-term deal with the Bills, hopes to do the one thing Kelly never did.

14 responses to “Jim Kelly expects Josh Allen eventually to surpass everything he did with Bills

  1. I love Josh Allen and he is going to have a great career, but I can assure you that Jim Kelly cannot be surpassed.

  2. As a patriots fan I got to admit the bills have improved tremendously, I can tolerate them more than I can the Jets and the dolphins. The AFC east is going to be very interesting this season.

  3. nobull says:
    July 14, 2021 at 8:04 pm
    I love Josh Allen and he is going to have a great career, but I can assure you that Jim Kelly cannot be surpassed.


    Kelly is a legend but if someone brings home a title they will surpass him. Champions are forever.

  4. Allen hasn’t come close to his ceiling yet. It will be fun to watch him chip away at Jim’s records over the coming years. Go Bills

  5. Allen has every bit of ability to be the best QB in the NFL. You’ve seen the progression of his game on full display over the last 3 years. He is a relentless competitor, a tireless worker, and epitomizes everything Buffalo. He will break every record you can think of statistically for the Bills AND help to bring home at least one Lombardi, barring a career altering injury.

  6. hahaha, not a chance.


    Josh Allen is a talented guy for sure. He’s not a hall of famer though.

    Jim Kelly would’ve never had a league leading 21 dropped INT’s in a season.

  7. This is not a competition. Being a Bills fan back in the 80s and 90s when Jim Kelly was playing was wonderful. It’s been painful since (eg. Rex Ryan, J.P. Losman, EJ Manuel) with the exception of Doug Flutie playing lights out but Ralph Wilson having a dementia moment destroying that season. We now have the QB, coaching staff, defense, to contend. Josh will help us forget all those forgetful years.

  8. I love Jim Kelly but he wasn’t even the best passer in his era. Was he great? Yes but, all of you people saying that Josh can never be better must just be addicted to the misery. I get it. We had a 17-year playoff drought. It was hard. It’s time to move past that. There were a lot people that probably thought that Aaron Rodgers could never live up to Brett Favre. Look how that turned out. Start putting some positivity out there people. We have a good thing going now.

  9. Lose 5 Super Bowls? That’s a lot to ask, but I think Josh Allen could do it.

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