NFL: Free agents can sign with any team, we investigate any incident involving law enforcement

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Richard Sherman‘s arrest in Redmond, Washington for burglary domestic violence was followed by an NFLPA statement that did not mention him by name and the NFL has also released a statement that pertains to Sherman without directly referencing him on Wednesday.

Sherman is currently unsigned and the league’s statement concerned the eligibility of unsigned players to sign with teams while facing criminal charges.

“Free agents are eligible to sign with any team,” the league said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “The league investigates any incident involving law enforcement and if there is a violation of the personal conduct policy the player would be facing discipline.”

Teams may be free to sign players regardless of their legal issues, but there’s unlikely to be a hot market for players facing domestic violence charges. As long as Sherman remains in that category, it’s a good bet he’ll remain a free agent as well.