Report: Police dog subdued Richard Sherman

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Even more details are emerging regarding the Wednesday arrest of free-agent cornerback Richard Sherman.

Via, Sherman’s alleged fighting with police became so bad that a K9 was used to subdue him.

Also, Sherman “allegedly crashed his vehicle into a cement freeway barrier,” before advancing on foot to the home he allegedly tried to enter. The Washington State Police also are involved in the case, due to the vehicular incident.

Via Adam Schefter of, Sherman faces a hit-and-run investigation, along with a possible charge of damaging Washington Department of Transportation property.

Sherman remains jailed without bail in King County. That’s standard practice in Washington domestic violence cases. It’s unknown when a judge will set bail for Sherman.

37 responses to “Report: Police dog subdued Richard Sherman

  1. This is escalating quite rapidly, this isn’t going to get better…

  2. OMG.

    So now it’s Domestic Violence, hit and run and fighting with a police officer (dog).

    If all of this is true, Sherm’s NFL career is over.

  3. Sherman’s career was already winding down, but now the spring has broken. He’s done.

  4. Man. Sounds like this guy needs the structure of some training camp in his life.

  5. Remember when he told Skip Bayless that he’s better at life than skip. How’s that working out now?

  6. Not a good sign when you are subdued by a Patrol Canine. Usually and under most circumstances, one is given ample opportunity to surrender before a canine is deployed.


  7. Lock him up. Someone will get hurt if not. Maybe he’ll even learn a lesson.

  8. I guess I was wrong to think that Sherman’s tough guy, loud and overly aggressive personality was for the cameras. Clearly the dude is unhinged given his recent behavior.

  9. Wow, this is really turning into a frightening situation. Glad no one was hurt in this mess.

  10. Also crashing in to that same cement freeway barrier, Sherman’s hopes of signing with an NFL team this coming season.

  11. That’s quite an eventful night. I previously said I assume he was drunk. After these details, I’d be shocked if alcohol wasn’t involved.

  12. Damn…hope this isn’t effects of CTE. Best of luck to all those involved. I don’t like hearing stories like these.

  13. Don’t hear anything, yet that is, if alcohol or some other drugs were involved.

  14. I mostly dislike Sherman because of his mouth, but I have found most of what he said on camera to be pretty well thought out. I’m going to say maybe he was doing some drugs or drinking? You don’t crash a car, try to break into a house and then fight with police if you’re an intelligent person. Sherman is many things I don’t like, but his intelligence was not something I ever questioned.

  15. Let’s wait until the facts come out. Innocent until proven guilty, even if it doesn’t look too good for Sherman at the moment. We only have the police’s side of things right now.

  16. How bad is it that a police dog gets involved — that’s the one cop you never mess with.

  17. I wonder if this will impact his finding a new team for 2021?
    Just a thought …

  18. Sad to say, but rich seem to get serious charges dropped. So what is important is what charges he goes to court with.

  19. Innocent until proven guilty……but this looks REALLY bad for Sherman.

    There has not been one word of support or denial from ANYONE.

  20. Isn’t this the guy who lied about a handshake or something with a QB? Or am I mistaken? Then apologized?

  21. Sherman announcement coming soon: Admitted to clinic for rehab and…appearing on Oprah and the rest of the talk show junket.

  22. I’m I’m the only one thinking how is this Hit & Run:

    Driving into a concrete on the highway, getting off the next exit and parking safely in a parking lot.

    Not defending here, just asking.

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