Richard Sherman arrested, jailed without bail, for “burglary domestic violence”

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Free-agent cornerback Richard Sherman currently is being held without bail in Seattle.

Sherman, per multiple reports, is charged with “burglary domestic violence.” Court records declare in all caps, “BAIL DENIED.”

Typically, the notion of “burglary domestic violence” refers to someone entering or refusing to leave a house or dwelling within the context of a domestic dispute. For example, someone who gets locked out of a house during a argument with a spouse or significant other and then breaks in potentially has committed “burglary domestic violence.”

Few other details currently are available. However it plays out, the situation will not be conducive to Sherman continuing his NFL career any time soon.

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  1. Rule #1 as an adult: Avoid altercations at all costs and/or live a lifestyle where altercations just simply don’t come up.

  2. Stupid, but kudos to Florio for not aggrandizing the situation and making it out to be something it isn’t. Could be exactly as he said – wife throws him out of the house, he re-enters through back door and says “this is my house, I’m not leaving”. Kind of tragic this is termed as burglary domestic violence.

    Let’s wait for details to come out before we crucify the guy. I’ve never really liked Sherman, but I’ve always liked due process.

  3. shocked…NFL career is probably over…I’ll wait for all the facts to come out though.

  4. wow – never would of thought he would act poorly in public. if only we had some warning signs.


  5. These reports can happen without him having done anything wrong so I don’t think anyone should draw a conclusion one way or another from that. But usually guys are allowed out on bail while it gets sorted so that part is weird.

  6. What a waste. Normally I don’t pass judgement on stuff like this until there’s official statements made in court; there’s no shortage of incidents where someone looked like a monster until the truth came out in court.

    That being said, a guy of his age and experience should know to not allow himself to be involved in this kind of nonsense. Tough for me to believe that Sherman didn’t do something stupid here.

  7. No need to draw any conclusions about what may or may not have happened. I just want Seattle to steer clear of resigning Sherm. I felt that way before this story and I still feel that way.

  8. There is definitely more to the story here, but being denied bail is a MAJOR red flag that something troubling happened given he doesn’t have any history as far as I know of running into trouble with the law.

  9. The “Mouth that Roared” has finally put himself in a tough situation. Fitting at the end of his career that now if as bad as reported this will truly define him as an individual. We have seen this with many athletes and this is just another fall from grace in his own mind.

  10. He was unsigned, no one is touching him after this. I think we’ve seen the last of him playing.

  11. I like the insightful example that you provided in the the 3rd paragraph….it, momentarily, gave me reason to give Sherman some benefit of the doubt….We all know how things can go many ways when there is a domestic dispute…..However, with the BAIL DENIED declaration, I do wonder if there was some serious bad intentions and bad things going on in this episode.

  12. Shocking news actually, he’s a blowhard but not a dummy. We’ll see what happens when the real facts come out.

  13. I agree with the poster above that the explanation of the charge means the situation could be overblown but when you add on “Bail Denied”, it tells me something serious happened.

  14. He will get signed for the league minimum after someone gets injured. This is not the last we have seen of Richard Sherman.

  15. Either Sherman has been falsely accused or his NFL career is officially over…..and his chance of eventually being enshrined up in Canton goes from “likely” to “no way”.

    THe “BAIL DENIED” on the court document indicates that this is a major felony.

  16. Scott Baily says:

    July 14, 2021 at 11:37 am

    Denied bail….something seriously bad happened.


    Not here to say if he’s guilty or innocent but in the state of Washington it is standard procedure for suspects of domestic violence to have their bail denied until they can appear before a judge.

  17. Scott Baily says:
    July 14, 2021 at 11:37 am
    Denied bail….something seriously bad happened.
    That’s normal in a DV case, he’ll get it once the judge sees him in the morning

  18. OK. More is coming out.

    Evidently, denying bail is standard procedure, in domestic violence cases in,Seattle, until the accused gets a chance to appear before a judge.

    ESPN is reporting that Sherman was trying to get into his house, but he currently doesn’t live there.

  19. Sherman seems to be like a sleeping volcano ready to explode.
    Two previous facts come to my mind following this recent incident:
    1) the famous post match interview in the 2013 divisional against the 49ers, where he literally lost it, to the point of unrestrained hatred towards Michael Crabtree.
    2) his rebellion against Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson following the defeat in SB 2014 against NE, a rebellion that carried out throughout the off season, and created a profound rift on that team.

  20. Everybody’s too quick to assign guilt and assume the worst. My guess is that alcohol was involved. Sounds like he’s going through rough times with the wife and they’re separated. Anybody who’s been there before knows how hard of a situation that is. Poor some alcohol on top of it and people can get pretty stupid. Just an assumption, but I’ll wait for details before condemning the guy.

  21. paupwarner says:
    July 14, 2021 at 12:02 pm
    There is definitely more to the story here, but being denied bail is a MAJOR red flag that something troubling happened given he doesn’t have any history as far as I know of running into trouble with the law.

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    What , you think a criminals rap sheet is the whole story ? That’s just the things they were caught on.

  22. Washington State Police also are investigating Richard Sherman in connection to a hit and run, and damage to state Department of Transportation property. State police say that at about 1:00 a.m. PT, they received a report of a single-car incident. A car struck a concrete barrier

    The driver apparently was able to drive the vehicle off the exit and abandoned it in a nearby parking lot. The registration was run, and it came back to Richard Sherman.

    YIKES. Sherm is in a whole lot of trouble

  23. I’m sure this will go to court of public opinion where the mob will rule

  24. Eaglehaslanded !!! says:
    July 14, 2021 at 1:48 pm
    I’ll wait for the facts to come out before judgment.

    The facts are coming out!

  25. As a former bail bond agent licensed in Washington, all domestic violence defendants are denied bail until they are arraigned. The only time I ever saw any deviation from the policy was when a certain former ice skater was released on her own recognizance in Clark County Washington because they didn’t want to deal with the media circus.

  26. Richard and his actions just joined the Earl Thomas crowd as former members of the Legion of Boom. Or in their case the Legion of Doom. Two hyped up ex players who thought they were bigger than their team and larger in life than just professional football players.
    Seen it before and unfortunately will see it again.

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