10 teams have at least 85 percent of players vaccinated


Add another team to the list of those meeting the NFL’s 85 percent threshold for vaccinated players.

On Monday, it was seven. On Tuesday, it was eight. On Wednesday, it was nine. Now, Thursday, a league source told PFT, a 10th team has 85 percent of its players vaccinated.

Also according to the source, 73 percent of the league’s players as a whole have received at least one shot. That number rose from 72 percent a day earlier.

The NFL is not naming the teams that have an 85 percent vaccination rate, but the Steelers, Dolphins, Saints and Broncos all were reported as having crossed that threshold.

With all training camps beginning the next two weeks, any player who receives a shot now will not be fully vaccinated by the report date. Teams are not going to release information about who is vaccinated, but given the restrictions for unvaccinated players, it will not be hard to determine.