A.J. Hawk spent a week with Aaron Rodgers, expects him to report to Packers

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A.J. Hawk spent nine seasons as Aaron Rodgers‘ teammate in Green Bay, and he just spent a week with Rodgers in Montana. And Hawk doesn’t see Rodgers being anywhere other than Green Bay this season.

Hawk told Pat McAfee that Rodgers was competitive about his recent golf match against Tom Brady, and that Rodgers is going to want to compete this football season as well.

“He likes to compete. Does that look like a guy who’s going to sit out and retire to you?” Hawk said. “Aaron looks great. He seems mentally in a good spot.”

Hawk doesn’t see any way Rodgers would get traded to another team.

“What have I said from the start? I said, ‘I don’t see him playing anywhere else,’” Hawk said. “I don’t see Green Bay trading him. I don’t see that happening. I don’t know how it has to work, but yeah, I feel like he’s going to be in Green Bay.”

Rodgers has said he’ll make a decision about his future in the next couple weeks.

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  1. I say the packers should check out what is offered in trade. The packers will decide where Rodgers is going to play this season!

  2. Everyone expects him to report and play as normal. The guy never once said he didnt plan to. It was just filler fodder for the offseason media doldrums. But it did make alot of people that look up to the Packers year after year bite and have hope.

    Favre to Rodgers to Love is going to be a grand thing for Green bay. GO PACK GO!

  3. hope to see you this season Aaron, the game is better with you playing than without you.

  4. Rodgers has not been clear on what his concerns may be or what the solutions to those issues are or are not. I believe the reason for his private demeanor is the very likely misinterpretation and manipulation of his truth. He wants to control the message. He’ll make that message clear when he’s ready. He was very emotional after losing a game that should’ve easily been won by the Packers (if not for two identical fumbles by Jones, one of which led to a brain-numbing easy walk-in TD and the mind-altering lucky-as-ever TD at the end of the first half by the LOAT,) and now he has to backtrack on some of that irretrievable emotional baggage he wishes he’d never expressed. Going to bat for Kumerow? Very noble. Very unnecessary.

  5. Rodgert looked checked out in the nfc title game and Brady had thrown 3 ints as a visiting qb and needed to be bailed out by his D in an offensive league again.

    How Rodgers and the offense failed to win that game is the question of last season. So many opps blown, it’s now clear why he was so distracted. He felt the pressure and Love looking over his shoulder.

  6. Folks who say it’s all media fluff don’t seem to understand how the business side of this all works. If it wasn’t about his money, he wouldn’t be doing this. It’s that simple. He’s said he’ll make a decision and that means he wants the powers that be to be in the dark (as much as is possible in this league). What actually ends up happening and the speculation about that is fluff. But, the fact he’s not said “Yep, I’m going to play for the Pack this season” means it’s about the money. That much is not fluff and that is what leads to the speculation (fluff).

  7. Rodgers is deflecting direct responses and leaving it to his trusted friends to deliver his message. I believe Hawk said what Rodgers asked him to or told him it was Okay to say. As a Bears fan it appears as though we’ll have another year of the Green Bay Blues. I was hoping for a Carson Palmeresque showdown with the GB front office resulting in a trade out of the division. But hey, there’s always next year.

  8. At this point I have to believe Rodgers loses all credibility, respect and power if he does report. He ends up looking like a faker who nobody should ever take seriously again.

  9. Doesn’t Rodgers have a back bone to speak up for himself? Hope he plays for the Packers this season and fails miserably. Sorry Packer fans, but the diva needs a solid lesson in humility.

  10. unknownvikingfan says:
    July 15, 2021 at 10:00 am
    We’re getting nervous in Minnesota.

    Broken collar bone once. Hope it doesn’t happen but ightning has been known to strike twice. Who’s nervous?

  11. This is what it looks like when someone who actually talks directly to Rodgers speaks up, as opposed to someone *cough*Schef*cough* speculating, based on third-hand sources, on what he MUST be thinking.

  12. This is what it looks like because Rodgers won’t just say he’s playing for the Pack this year. THAT is why there is any speculation happening at all. Rodgers could end the speculation with a tweet or comment on-the-record to a reporter. But, he doesn’t do it. Because the mystery helps his bargaining stance. He WANTS the speculation.

  13. Rodgers is smart enough to not back himself into a corner. He had very minimal leverage and knew it. Does he want to play in Green Bay, who knows, doesn’t matter though, the Packers aren’t letting him play anywhere else. He hasn’t said he won’t play for Green Bay, and he hasn’t said that he will, all speculation. He’ll be there because he wants to play football, and that is his only option this year.

  14. Nobody around here expects any different.
    It’s basically been business as usual since a lot of these erroneous stories began to break and been proven false.

    This is, as it’s always been, a contract dispute, plain and simple.
    And it’s not even about the money.
    Rodgers wants the last 3 years of his contract guaranteed.
    His agent left a bit of a hole in the tail end of his last extension and the presence of Jordan Love gives the Packers some future flexibility.
    It’s a tug of war, right now, between these two, and we’re in the last stages of posturing.
    As it stands today, they basically have Aaron on a year to year deal from here on out.
    Will the Packers cave and guarantee those last 3 seasons?
    That becomes the real question, and it’s really up to them.
    GB, I believe, wants to keep their options open, or this would be resolved already.

    Rodgers has absolutely no leverage and he will not sit out, especially for the talented team he’s already on and wants to play for anyways.
    I would expect a handful of awkward questions and answers by player and team to kick off training camp.
    But then we can finally get past this and settle down to some serious football business as we all drown in the collective tears from the fans of other NFC North teams. 😉

  15. Wait a second…I thought this was all about a moral dilemma? If he’s really so serious about the Packers faux pas, then he should stick to his guns.

    Bet he won’t.

  16. unknownvikingfan says:
    July 15, 2021 at 1:53 pm
    Who’s nervous?? Our Vikings . . .


    Who’s nervous? Rodgers’ collar bone.

  17. Yes, we have to pin our hopes on breaking Rodgers’ to have a chance.

  18. One of the Vikings organization Top Ten Moments of the past decade was Barr playing past the whistle and injuring Rodgers. I wish I was joking. Look it up. If that doesn’t scream jealous and bitter, nothing does.

  19. What’s with Rodgers’ “friends” that have private conversations with him and then blab them to the media?

  20. AJ is a very close friend of Aaron’s. AJ a good dude. Smokes a few too many cigars, but hey, we all have our vices. Beautiful wife Laura is a high quality individual as well.

    Nothing to see here. It has been known for months now that Aaron is still 100% a Packer. He does find it humorous that some still obsess over his every move. Aaron likes a good laugh.



  21. freefromwhatyouare says:
    July 16, 2021 at 9:42 am
    AJ is a very close friend of Aaron’s. AJ a good dude. Smokes a few too many cigars, but hey, we all have our vices. Beautiful wife Laura is a high quality individual as well.

    I don’t doubt that. Why run to the media though? Unless its all a show. A weird show designed to split a fanbase and pressure management.

  22. freefromwhatyouare says:
    July 16, 2021 at 9:42 am

    I don’t doubt that. Why run to the media though? Unless its all a show. A weird show designed to split a fanbase and pressure management.


    He didn’t “run” to the media. He made the comments on Pat McAfee’s show, where he’s a regular guest.

  23. This soap opera is not going end well. Just how I like my soap operas. #NOPACKNO

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