Jimmy Johnson: Urban Meyer is frustrated by limits on time with players

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Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson knows Urban Meyer well and talks to him regularly, and he says that Meyer is struggling in his first year in Jacksonville in one important way: Dealing with limits on player contact.

“He’s a little frustrated right now because he’s spent so little time with the players,” Johnson said, via Nate Davis of USA Today. “He’s accustomed to being around the players all the time, and they weren’t able to do that because of COVID-19.”

Meyer has already learned the hard way that he can’t structure his practices the way he wants, the way he could in college: Meyer was hit with a $100,000 fine, the Jaguars were fined $200,000 and the team was docked two offseason practices in 2022 because they violated rules limiting contact in the offseason.

Still, Johnson says Meyer is well aware of what he needs to do in the NFL.

“Urban’s very thorough. Urban has spent his due diligence getting ready for this job,” Johnson said. “He knew what he was getting into when he accepted the job. We had numerous conversations during the job process. And I think he’ll do a great job. He knows how important personnel is. He knows how to deal with people.”

Meyer will have more time to deal with the people on his team when training camp opens on July 27.

30 responses to “Jimmy Johnson: Urban Meyer is frustrated by limits on time with players

  1. Another reason college athletes should be paid. Apparently, they spend more time on football than the pros.

  2. I have to somewhat disagree with Johnson, there are 2 things he is frustrated with, limits with players, and how he is scrutinized by the media. He cannot control them like he did when he coached in college.

  3. Meyer is a first year coach trying to install his program. “Violating” this year’s offseason practices is probably worth a lot more to them than just $300k and losing two next year, especially when many established teams just cancel final practices as “team building”.

  4. Hey Urban, uh…did you not do any research or ask any questions before taking this job? It’s all in the CBA.

  5. Youngstown State in not on the Jags schedule. (Duval) still gonna be DisMal

  6. How long will it be before Urban decides he’s not liking the NFL and does a runner?

  7. I’m getting some strong Chip Kelly vibes when thinking how Meyer’s NFL career will pan out.

  8. As Jerry Glanville put it so well, if Urban doesn’t understand the NFL rules, “NFL” will mean “Not For Long”.

  9. Well Urban, this isn’t college where you operate as a monarch. These are professionals that have a union that dictates what a team and coach can, and cannot do. Guess you didn’t look into any of the CBA before accepting that multi-million dollar contract?

  10. Wait until he threatens to cut a player and the say go ahead “I have a guaranteed contract “. He’s not in college anymore.

  11. Meyer hasn’t even started and he whines more than Harbaugh


    So it’s yet another thing he’s better at than Harbaugh

  12. This man walked back in forth over the line of ethical vs. unethical in College Football. Just look at his time at Florida and those he recruited and let play after breaking laws. He can’t break rules on the NFL level and get away with it. He already tried and got caught. My guess is within a couple of years he’ll step down for “health reasons” or “to spend more time with my family” while he goes through back channels to secure his next Power House CFB job.

  13. Meyer is going to quickly learn, the Jags are the Jags and not likely to suddenly be a contender.

    P.S., enjoy that annual trip to London

  14. He hasn’t even had One game yet, but the writing is so clearly on the wall !!

    A Head Coach of a college is very different to an NFL one and he’s showing almost daily in pre-season

  15. He’s going to have to treat them like the elite professionals they are.

  16. “P.S., enjoy that annual trip to London”

    London is a fantastic city. I’ve been there a half dozen times and loved it every one of them.

  17. I agree though. I get limited contact in practice for health reasons but why limit the time coaches can spend working on learning the playback or watching film?

  18. “He’s accustomed to being around the players all the time, and they weren’t able to do that because of COVID-19.”

    “Urban’s very thorough. Urban has spent his due diligence getting ready for this job,” Johnson said.
    Urban is very thorough with the game aspects. Personnel? Not so much.

    1. Tebow fantasy camp experience. ’nuff said.

    2. Strength and conditioning coach hired and fired in 24 hours and now a lawsuit.

    3. Violations of the CBA cost the team $300 K and 2 practices and he’s already bitching about not enough time with the players.

    Urban needs to up his game if he wants to last.

  19. Did Urban Meyer not understand or study any of the NFL/CBA rules before accepting the job?

  20. Jimmy Johnson is always endorsing bums for jobs. Who can forget how he endlessly promoted Dave Wandstedt and Norv Turner over the years. You’ll never get an honest assessment from the guy about anybody’s coaching ability, just whether they’re good friends of his, which means they’ll do great in his mind.

  21. he’s fired by 2 game of 2nd yr
    he’ll flee like Saban
    he’s not going to have a stacked deck every week like college

  22. Very easy to cheat the time card in college sports. In baseball we had to be at practice an hour early to ‘stretch’. If you were 59 minutes ‘early’ for practice, you’re running line to line for 3 hours, after ‘stretching’, of course. And it was Florida. You step outside from the AC and walk 30 feet you’re stretched.

    PS: Coughlin got 5 minutes a day for 40 years. It adds up.

  23. His issues with practice and the whole thing regarding the reputation and past actions of the strength and conditioning coach make me wonder whether Meyer will have trouble adjusting from college, where he had total authority over a group of kids, to the NFL, where he’s dealing with adults with responsibilities and mortgages who have more power than his previous charges. The fact that he would try to hire someone with the baggage of the strength and conditioning coach to supervise a roster made up mostly of Black players leads me to question whether he fully realizes that the things ha could get away with in college are not always going to be things he can do in the pros.

  24. tonyzendejas says:
    July 15, 2021 at 12:34 pm
    Does anyone in the world feel bad for Urban Meyer?


    Tim Tebow and a handful of Gator fans…

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