Judge finds probable cause for four misdemeanor charges for Richard Sherman

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While King County District Court Judge Fa’amomoi Masaniai felt comfortable releasing Richard Sherman from jail without bail on Thursday, he also felt there was probably cause for four separate misdemeanor charges to be levied against the free agent cornerback.

Via Sara Jean Green and Paige Cornwell of the Seattle Times, Masaniai found probable cause that Sherman committed misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor crimes of second-degree criminal trespass and third-degree malicious mischief when he attempted to break into the home of his in-laws. Both offenses carry domestic violence designations.

Additionally, Masaniai found probable cause that Sherman resisted arrest and drove while intoxicated.

Charges have yet to be officially filed but are expected.

Sherman is alleged to have crashed a vehicle in a construction zone, incurring significant damage to the car, before abandoning the car and continuing to the home of his in-laws. Sherman then damaged the home while having a verbal argument through a locked door with the occupants of the house. Video of the incident, via TMZ, shows Sherman throwing himself into the locked door multiple times.

Sherman then resisted arrest when officers arrived and police a K-9 unit was deployed to help bring him into custody.

Masaniai also ordered that Sherman is not have contact with his father-in-law, not to use alcohol or nonprescription drugs, and that he cannot possess a weapon.

Sherman is set to have another hearing on Friday, though he is not required to appear.

10 responses to “Judge finds probable cause for four misdemeanor charges for Richard Sherman

  1. ALL 4 of those charges are misdemeanors?!? I’m sorry, we got a very very wide ranging group that comments here, we agree on just about nothing. And ANY of us that drives inebriated and crashes a car and leaves the scene. OR touches a cop in any way as part of any other criminal action while we are, again inebriated, we would be posting on this site with our one call from jail and we wouldn’t be getting out without bail. Or quite likely anytime soon. What a farce.

  2. minime says:
    July 16, 2021 at 7:04 am
    Throw the book at him.
    The judge did , only problem it was his autograph book .

  3. Where did all these judges come from? Mars and Aladdin? Special treatment is a huge problem in this country.

  4. Sherman should be humbled and thankful for what the judge did here for him. But of course we all know he won’t be! The NFL should let him twist in the wind through August and see if that changes his attitude and shuts his mouth!

  5. Really embarrassing video. I have a feeling Sherman will be horrified when he sees it after he calms down and comes to his senses. He would have choked out whoever came through that door he was so enraged. Not a good look.

    Being he’s basically been a stand up guy (with an irritating personality), I would expect him to own it, get the help he needs and let the chips fall where they may.

    I think he will make a full emotional recovery. Hope so for his kids

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