Reports: Dwayne Haskins injured in domestic violence incident by wife

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was injured in an altercation perpetrated by his wife, Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins, at a Las Vegas hotel earlier this month, according to multiple reports.

The story was first reported by 8 News Now in Las Vegas.

Gondrezick-Haskins has been charged with battery and domestic violence resulting in bodily harm, a felony charge, stemming from the incident that occurred on July 3 at The Cosmopolitan.

Via the report, Gondrezick-Haskins allegedly punched Haskins in the face with police finding part of a tooth in the hotel room after the incident. It described Haskins’ injuries as “substantial in nature,” including a split lip and a missing tooth. He would be taken to a hospital due to his facial injuries.

Haskins posted video of his proposal to Gondrezick-Haskins on his instagram earlier this week. Despite the engagement post, Gondrezick-Haskins told police they got married in March.

44 responses to “Reports: Dwayne Haskins injured in domestic violence incident by wife

  1. Why on earth would a great org like Pittsburgh want this idiot remotely close to their team. Spoiler alert; he won’t be there long.

  2. Violence is never the answer. Mrs H needs to either get help or hit the road

  3. Coaches always fear the 5 week period between the end of OTA’s and the beginning of training camp. Those fears have been warranted in too many instances this year

  4. Men can be victims of DV too. Had it happen to a friend and didn’t even know it was happening.

  5. The ferociousness of the punch to knock the tooth off a NFL QB by a female means only one thing. Another woman was involved

  6. Shows remarkable restraint. I give him props. It sounds he did not hit a women even though he was being assaulted. Good man

  7. Good luck to this young man. This should be a wakeup call to start making better decisions.

  8. Steelers are a much better choice for Hardnocks then then a Jerry Jones ego tour.

  9. Rohanz2000 says:
    July 15, 2021 at 6:47 am
    The ferociousness of the punch to knock the tooth off a NFL QB by a female means only one thing. Another woman was involved
    If she hit him with the hand the ring he gave her was on that would explain his injuries .

  10. Man…..He just seems like a really messed up kid that always finds trouble around the corner….The sad part is that people will use this against him even though he was the victim….Good on him for showing restraint and not assaulting her back. Hope this is a wakeup call to get his life, and why not career, together. Won the NFL golden ticket, don’t let it go to waste.

  11. This type of attention is the last thing Dwayne needs trying to rehabilitate his image and his career, but he is the victim of felonious assault and does not deserve any blame in this situation.

    Just imagine what the headlines would be if he would have reflexively responded in self defense?
    The restraint he demonstrated should be commended, and he should seriously seek an annulment.

  12. Nothing funny about this or her, kudos to him for if he hits her back, the court of public opinion would make sure his career was over. They need to get help to get away from each other.

  13. Not fighting back is the difference between losing part of a tooth and ending your career. It seems that he chose wisely in this instance at least. Unless he has a spectacular camp, he’s a longshot to make the roster anyway. He certainly can’t afford to screw up off the field any more.

  14. I can attest that DV is no joke. This person has made some bone-head decisions in the past. Perhaps marrying this woman is just another, but to pile on him for being the victim of an attack, is really misguided to say the least. Based on his track record, he’ll do something else that will make you scratch your head. However in this case, it’s unwarranted.

  15. I am glad that he did not retaliate or even defend himself. If he did, he would probably be on the exempt list.

  16. Never, and I mean NEVER, settle for someone willing to physically harm you. Hope Dwayne serious reconsiders his marriage to this woman.

    Doesn’t matter what your gender is, no one deserves abuse in a relationship.

  17. Shows great restraint, a very good decision by him finally…….But instead of “living” in Vegas you may want to save your money or spend it on a Coach that you can work with during the off times.

  18. By not retaliating, Haskins gets a pass on this. The incident shouldn’t effect is position with the Steelers at all. Unfortunately it does highlight Haskins’ tendency to make poor decisions.

  19. bad decisions follow this guy…not the type of leader nfl teams want..

  20. Strange comments on this one. Why does the team need to move on after he was attacked by his wife?

  21. ilovefishinginsteadofnfl says:
    bad decisions follow this guy…not the type of leader nfl teams want..
    He made a great decision by not retaliating or even defending himself.

  22. I think some of the commenters here aren’t reading carefully. Haskins was the VICTIM, not the perpetrator in this incident. He may not know how to pick women but he’s not the one being charged with anything here.

  23. Why are so many hating on Haskins? Dude’s wife went ballistic on him and he kept his composure.

  24. Another guy who got three chances and miserably failing on the first two. amazing how that seems to happen often now when in my day, you did the job or you were out, find something else loser attitude.

  25. Of course we need to have the full story why a wife you get so dam angry to plaster him in the face. Gee, was another women involved that he got caught with. HUm very interesting

  26. “Despite the engagement post, Gondrezick-Haskins told police they got married in March.”

    That’s just weird.

  27. People defending Haskins don’t know the full story. They got into a heated argument about their evening plans. They were in Vegas to renew their vows (silly I know since they just married earlier this year) and he went out with the boys and left her behind. Yes he is the victim, but still an immature head case.

  28. No excuse for violence. Dude was cool just to call the police. Bad things happen in Vegas. Just as Ben Roethlisberger… Dwayne, get rid of this pariah. If she knocks her husbands teeth out what the hell is she going to do to her future children. Get rid of her sorry ass.

  29. I wish him luck but how many situations will he be involved in, right or wrong, before he’s deemed too much of a risk?

  30. You call that abusing a Steeler Quarterback?!?

    Hold my beer….

    – Myles Garrett

  31. @unleashed3581 says:

    Dude…that is just in extremely poor taste considering the man was a victim of domestic abuse. Please learn from this and be better, otherwise you’ll make Browns fans look bad.

  32. Definition of irony…She hit him with a left cross and the rock he bought her knocked his tooth out.

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