13 NFL teams have at least 85 percent of players vaccinated

Georgia Gov. Kemp Visits Chatham County Health Department As First Covid Vaccinations Are Administered
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The NFL’s vaccination rate continues to increase, with training camp fast approaching.

There are now 13 teams with at least 85 percent of their players vaccinated, the NFL revealed today. The league is expected to loosen the restrictions on player gatherings for teams that have reached the 85 percent vaccination mark, although the precise rules have not been announced.

Overall, 73.8 percent of NFL players have had at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s good, but it should be a lot higher: The vaccine is safe and effective, and getting it is the right thing to do both for one’s personal health and for society at large. For NFL players, it’s also going to make life a lot easier, as the league is putting far greater restrictions on unvaccinated players than on vaccinated players.

Training camps open in 11 days for 29 of the NFL’s 32 teams.

18 responses to “13 NFL teams have at least 85 percent of players vaccinated

  1. A lot of these numbers are going to be skewed until camp begins. Teams can’t yet confirm vaccination on the countless vets that skipped all of OTAs. Numbers for the fully vaccinated will rise on July 27th.

  2. With the way the Delta variant is spreading, 85% may not be high enough. The Yankees had to postpone a game because a number of players tested positive–and most of them were vaccinated. They won’t get too sick, but the unvaccinated on the team could get clobbered if they get the Delta virus.

  3. Come-on players and coaches, get the shot. Let’s make Covid a nonissue this season.

  4. It’s amazing the amount of thumbs down votes for encouraging public health.

    “The death of expertise” is very real in this country as evidence of all the thumb down votes.

    Quick take: Your construction worker buddy’s viewpoint on the Covid vaccine is not equal to a degreed medical doctors informed opinion. But alas, to many consumers of the real fake news would tend to disagree with this point.

  5. It’s crazy that any of the players would be hesitant to get a shot. Team doctors are often giving them surgery-grade painkiller injections before and during the game.

    Look at poor Tyrod Taylor, he could have died from a misplaced shot, but players still lined up to take them.

  6. it’s hilarious how the Delta variant is making the anti vaccine peeps look like the fools they are

  7. Getting up there, so thats a positive. I would want stats on how many have received their second shot. An astounding amount of people have only gotten their first and foregone their second. Its so easy! Just get it!

  8. NFL Network host Rich Eisen is urging people to remain vigilant about COVID-19 after testing positive for the coronavirus even though he’s fully vaccinated.

    Good thing he was vaccinated.

  9. Rich Eisen catches COVID despite being vaccinated. In other words, the vaccine didn’t work. You could have the whole team 100% vaccinated and still have someone test positive.

  10. The vaccines have the consensus of the scientific community, but that does not mean that any/all “freedom arguments against (the vaccines)” are uniformly anti-science.

    Some people don’t get ay vaccines injected into them ever for non-scientific reasons: often reasons being “religious” or “philosophical” make no claim in support or denial of “science.”

  11. There are clinical studies that prove patients that have had Covid are just as immune as vaccinated patients. No need to get vax’d if you have immunity already! Why doesn’t the NFL take this into consideration for players?

  12. No matter what anyone’s personal opinion is on getting the vaccine, I would think everyone hopes their team has achieved the 85% threshold. Not hitting 85% is a distinct disadvantage.

  13. how is it possible to know how many players got the shot? what happened to the hippa rules?

  14. Rich Eisen was found to have some amount of the COVID 19 virus in a test but his body was protected from any real or lasting damage since it already knows how to fight it. Its almost like he was vaccinated against it.

  15. I read these occasionally to remind myself how ignorant so many people are. It’s too bad we can’t take a real stance against covid and require vaccination to watch from the stadium too.

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